I know this may sound abit old but I’ve finally bought the clear copy of ‘Friday The 13th’. I think I’ve waited almost 2 months for that to come clean after the useless cinema quality manufacture. Seriously? Who the hell wants to buy crappy DVDs? Probably ones who can’t wait to watch it obviously. The film was good and all but Jason Voorhees’s appearance was ultimately and modernly dissimilar in a superior way though. And yes, there’s tons of PG18 naked woman involved.

Remember how I’ve mention about making a feature length film referring to the post below? Well, off course its happening. I’m just informing another project to you guys that David Cheok and I will most likely be making an experimental drama which shall be shot after I submit the finalize script (which I have been writing and inform DC about the idea). We’re planning to hold up an audition to anybody who would be interested in joining voluntarily until dates and locations are confirmed. Stick around.

Judging by the first pilot drama written, there will be an approximately more than a dozen roles for whoever passes the audition. You may visit DC’s Link or Brunei Actor Search.

“Join the list by clicking join as a fan to show your willingness. No experience required, only enthusiasm, commitment and the willingness to try.” – David Cheok

ILLUSI MAYA  – (June 16, 2009 at 1:11 PM)  

bro, aku leh audition kah... aku kalau yg psycho2 ani, suka hantapz ku ni...

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