News of Jackson's death first spread online

NEW YORK (AP) - It was a where-were-you moment in a digital age: Michael Jackson's death was not learned from a fatherly TV news anchor. Instead, the news first spread online.

Some of the initial reports from various outlets were confusing: Was Jackson still alive? Was he in a coma? They spread like wildfire across news sites, social media networks and Twitter.

The celebrity Web site TMZ.com. site broke the news of Jackson's death at 5:20 p.m. Thursday.

It was a huge scoop for the AOL-owned TMZ, though many did not believe TMZ's report until it was matched by more established news organizations.

"Everything starts with a tip," said Harvey Levin, managing editor of TMZ. "We wouldn't have put it up if we weren't positive."

Jackson's death was confirmed by the Los Angeles Times and then The Associated Press just minutes before the nightly network news began. The anchors relayed the news at the top of their broadcasts, though CBS and ABC quickly moved on to their prepared obituaries for Farrah Fawcett, who died earlier Thursday.

MTV, the channel that had so much to do with Jackson's incredible rise to fame, played Jackson's iconic music videos "Beat It" and "Thriller," and continued with a Jackson marathon.

On Twitter, the dialogue took strange forms. As times Thursday night, Jackson-related search topics were the most popular on the site. The service was slowed for a time following Jackson's death, but it did not appear to crash. (Twitter did not immediately respond to an e-mail Thursday.)

Celebrity users on Twitter - including Lindsay Lohan, Ashton Kutcher, John Mayer, Ryan Seacrest and ?uestlove of the Roots - posted their remembrances.

"I will be mourning my friend, brother, mentor and inspiration," tweeted MC Hammer. "He gave me and my family hope. I would never have been me without him."

Comedian Rob Corddry, the former "Daily Show" correspondent, joked: "I wish it had been Michael Jackson that broke the story of TMZ dying."

Others sought to corrupt the memorializing of Jackson. A false rumor was spread that actor Jeff Goldblum had died. His publicist had to release a statement saying that Goldblum was fine.

So many people wanted to verify the early reports of Jackson's death that the computers running Google's news section interpreted the fusillade of "Michael Jackson" requests as an automated attack from about 5:40 p.m. through 6:15 p.m.

As a defense mechanism, Google's news section responded to requests for information about Michael Jackson with squiggly letters known as a "captcha." Just as online ticket buyers regularly do to complete their purchases, the Michael Jackson searchers had to enter the letters correctly to see Google's new results.

Searches made through Google's main search engine were unaffected, according to company spokesman Gabriel Stricker.

On YouTube, traffic flowed to music videos of Jackson, while thousands posted videos of themselves sharing their thoughts on Jackson.


AP Technology Writer Michael Liedtke in San Francisco contributed to this report.

Me: I was a really huge fan of MJ back in the days... REALLY HUGE!
Rest In Peace Michael Jackson with blessing memories !
Al-Fatihah. Amin..



I know some of you are excited about the new Transformers and all but my guess is, better not watch it in a cinema for now where it'll be crowded knowing that the virus is already in the country, so better safe then sorry or ignore this at your own risk.

The last thing we want is more and more infections wandering around the country spreading them like talking.

P/s: If you're not happy of what I said but insist on following my piece of advice, DOWNLOAD THE MOVIE LAAAA...!

There's no good reason that you'd wanna watch it in a cinema with some friends for fun where you can also absolutely be safe at home and prevent from these viruses.

A typical behaving Bruneian will definitely hate what this post is all about. I don't blame you. Nobody likes to listen to the good advice. Why? Because to them its boring and they know better. Well, in that case, if there's anybody who think I'm trying to bullshit you to say not to watch a so-called film called Transformers, then GO!



Did you know there's a new theme for Youtube in your account? Well, I just found out and it looks rad! Probably now,I'll be using Youtube more often. Hehe:D



Apparently, I’m in a position of rush hour for wedding videos. I’ve so much pending works that needs to be done and I’m too eager to start focusing on my scripts for DC. The scripts deadline is somewhere in mid-July and I’ve only been writing two pages! I’ve been wasting my time on the character and not the story itself. I’m trying to make fictional character become an existent person so that it’s easier for me to understand how they could interact with other characters along with their personalities.

It’s really important for me at this stage because I’m the writer and I want it to be perfect as an actual first pilot drama.

I’m just so drowsy with editing at the moment but there’s no other option. I have to finish all these and estimating by the first week of July, which will also leave me at least 2weeks tops to finalize the scripts and setting up an audition from Brunei Actors Search (BAS).

On the last time I’ve checked DC’s BAS page, there are about 27 people who are willing to take their chances in acting for this new drama.

As for the production crews, there are some on our minds at the moment but yet to be mentioned until it is confirmed. For your info, DC and I will assign whether they are reliable and committed to do their duties.



I was in the studio with DC experimenting on audio recording, lightings and also a brief detailed video recording on his Canon 5D. The HD video quality on that thing was amazing when using an 85mm ‘L’ lens IF, I’m not mistaken.

My guess is that, I and DC had discussed most of the things we needed to do for this upcoming drama which is currently as you all may know, pre-production off course. This shall be an extraordinary development that contains various talented and creative people to get involved. Experience or not, it’s worth a shot don’t you think?

Although, most of the topic discussed were mainly about finding the perfect cast of role to be acting for these fictional characters. That is why, the minute I have finished writing the scripts to this untitled drama, we shall be organizing an audition for anybody who is interested to take part, voluntarily as a mark of the first pilot episode. So, if you haven’t heard, there’s a site on Facebook called ‘Brunei Actors Search’ for those who are willing to take part. Just click ‘Become A Fan’ and for those who did will be notified or updated with latest news. Basically, once I’ve named the drama, I shall build a website for easier access.

I’m still not telling what this drama is about but I guarantee you that it isn’t another horror under my sleeves. I can’t even wait to see it myself.



Holly hell I sounded so bad. It was humiliating if anyone was to hear me on National 92.3FM being interviewed by DJ Zamri about my filmmaking career. The only thing that bugged me was my pronunciations of sentences in Malay. I may speak fluent Malay with friends, families and acquaintances but when it comes to proper live broadcasting a so- called Malay interview, I’m swallowing my own saliva every second through out the show.

But I think it was hilarious too. Since it was an opened-topic, I was allowed to mention certain things that usually aren’t suppose to. In other words, censorship was free. And so there you have it.

I’m also abit concern about the facts that I may have gone too far and slipped a couple of distasteful things about other people. But DJ Zamri said it was alright because it’s suppose to come from me, my opinions and who cares if anyone does get offended. It’s actually a good sign though.

Some people may take it into account and some people would say ‘Se-taie jua orang ani’, which is habitually typical because nobody likes to hear anything from anybody else. They think they know it better but they don’t. I don’t consider myself as perfect either whether you say I am or not.

DJ Zamri happens to find me interesting. Something we both have in common. That’s how I got the chance to say it all on ‘live’ tonight and talked about my career in the media fields. Like for instants the improvements we can develop with unique concepts for new dramas. Creativity is what attracts people. If something is boring, OFF COURSE, people will talk crap about it and there they are complaining about why people dislike local dramas. You tell me why.

Overall, I hoped it’s a lesson for others. Supporting eachother and not trying to judge one another.



Well well. Since I couldn’t do any DV tapes capturing and have nothing more to edit at the moment, I’ve decided to just finalize my latest short film and upload it on Youtube. It’s not really that good but hey, what the hell. Opening my editing sequence, placed some music materials around and there you have it. A short film where I’ve decided to use my Michael Myers Halloween mask and my cousin to act with for the sake of fun. Overall, she did a job well-done and thanks again for volunteering with this unexpected short on the final day before going back to UK weeks ago. It was filmed for about 2 hours.

I give you ‘The Shape’. Experimental version.



Off course it is, I’ve never forgot how much fun it was to run around, jumping on stage singing punk rock music. I still could but I’m into a more different style of music nowadays. Dark and sentimental type. No, not emo..well, yea abit but without the ridiculous hair and make-up appearance. No, no screaming either. That’s what people here refer them to. Emo is screamo. WTF.

My music recording is on and off for over a year or two now. Been saying this over and over. But where is it? I can’t really say. But I do know this, next month I’ll be performing once again along with some buddies from the old days playing my un-heard songs. This shall be interesting. Why? Because I’m totally lost with a concept. It’s messed up in some points. That’s not true, sorry..it does. I just don’t know how to react infront of an audience anymore. It’s been so long.

For some reasons, I miss playing with my original band, ‘Not Famous’. I was organizing my DV tapes on my shelves and bumped into some old hi8 tapes (the big tapes of a very old model handycam). I said ‘Shit. I WANNA watch these but where can I get this type of handycam to play the tapes?’ So I called my sister in law. By chance, she still had one from before.

Firstly, I was stunned by this conventional handycam. Turned it on and god have mercy! It was totally undesirable if I was to use this to record events today. The quality was a huge CRAP on the face! It had the quality like an old 80s porno movie. Bright light and interlaced. Holding it felt so classic.

Anyways, charged the battery for about an hour then started browsing through tapes one by one. Some was exceedingly embarrassing (shall not say) and some extremely appalling. I’ve managed to watch the one I was looking for. ‘Not Famous’ performances. Such as HRH’s birthday celebration, jamming sessions, recording sessions of the 1st album and greatest one of all, Not Famous performing in Kuala Lumpur with some popular local bands such as ‘Y2K’ & ‘Diva’.

Very funny stuff. It was embarrassing but a history of mind that shall remain today. There was even one where I performed with my project band ‘Visions 13’, covering a song by ‘Guns & Roses’ – Sweet Child ‘O’ Mine and ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’ who sung by this female Indonesion singer (I don’t know her name) as an opening act for her concert in 2006.

Anyways, cut long story short. “I miss playin music infront of audience!”



I know this may sound abit old but I’ve finally bought the clear copy of ‘Friday The 13th’. I think I’ve waited almost 2 months for that to come clean after the useless cinema quality manufacture. Seriously? Who the hell wants to buy crappy DVDs? Probably ones who can’t wait to watch it obviously. The film was good and all but Jason Voorhees’s appearance was ultimately and modernly dissimilar in a superior way though. And yes, there’s tons of PG18 naked woman involved.

Remember how I’ve mention about making a feature length film referring to the post below? Well, off course its happening. I’m just informing another project to you guys that David Cheok and I will most likely be making an experimental drama which shall be shot after I submit the finalize script (which I have been writing and inform DC about the idea). We’re planning to hold up an audition to anybody who would be interested in joining voluntarily until dates and locations are confirmed. Stick around.

Judging by the first pilot drama written, there will be an approximately more than a dozen roles for whoever passes the audition. You may visit DC’s Link or Brunei Actor Search.

“Join the list by clicking join as a fan to show your willingness. No experience required, only enthusiasm, commitment and the willingness to try.” – David Cheok



So there I was editing some client videos and eventually decided to take a short rest from all the footages across the monitor screen. Having to say, I got excited over the last post ‘The Truth Today’ and wanted to act fact by memorizing the importance of filmmaking. I picked up the book (picture above) and started going through page by page to confirm the possibilities of what I need to do and where I need to start.

Obviously, I know some of the basics such as the 3-act plot structure and character developing whilst leading to the massive climax at the end but I doubt that my knowledge is still entirely weak. A story has to be powerful and solid if thinking of making it big for entertainments.

I looked back on the previous shorts I have still on hold, scripts which aren’t perfectly settled, storyboards that aren’t solid yet and decided to NOT continue writing these so-called imaginary ideas which obviously has no connection or educational for our local scene. I’m sure everyone knows that I’m entirely and freakishly mental about making short films from the day I first bought a mini HandyCam but I’m going to start thinking outside the box.

There’s been some incredible variety of chapters which teaches you ‘HOW’ its done and its amazingly helpful towards my needs of what I’m about to create, thinking that it’s made totally low-budgeted. Anything is possible and there’s no ‘I’ in pie.

My first grave attempt for my feature length film is to include most of the incidents that had occurred in my life growing up. I didn’t grow up with an easy life I tell you and it’s somewhat embarrassing and torturing. Back in school, people weren’t that nice. Judging me and backstabbing me from one situation to another and it was repulsive. I’m surprised myself that I got this far knowing who I truly am. I may come from a family who taught me about my life but others out there haven’t got the mind of a person to think what’s right and wrong for themselves. Everyone thinks they’re special in a way but bad-mouth is definitely the wrong route to go.

Basically, I’m including the facts of my struggling and agony life living in a place where I grew up as a young boy, back in my hometown with disrespectful people who’ve made my life a complete hell. That is why, I need to deliver a perfect solid story to understand that everyone is the same out there and there’s no use in making ones life miserable just because they’re different.

Would you make fun of a handicapped person? Maybe one who has his nose on his forehead? Or walking funny and having one arm shorter than the other? Or one who is missing legs and walking on bare palms of his hand? Or maybe a twitch? Or a giant tit that stuck out of their shirts? No! You may stare at the giant tit hanging but laughing and talking crap about it makes yourselves a complete idiot.

That may sound abit dramatic but then again, those people who had hard times growing up will not like to keep a chapter of humiliation as a remembrance. I’m going to write this and I’m sure hell gonna make this happen. It would be nice if there’s some support for this kind of theory and educational background of mine.



Radio Television Brunei has unveiled its plans to introduce a new High Definition (HD) channel soon to let local audience enjoy digital quality viewing and as part of RTB's efforts to provide full digital broadcasting within 2017.

This was revealed by RTB's Acting Director Hj Mahrub Hj Murni while being interviewed for the Rampai Pagi programme to mark a soft launching of the live digital broadcasting and transmission at its new HD studio in Kuala Belait.

RTB has made a breakthrough with its fully operational digital studio in KB, equipped with the latest state-of-the-art HD system for the presentation of its programmes in digital format, as well as to provide better sound and picture quality.

The new HD studio in KB has started operation since it was completed in October 2008 and it is currently the only television studio in the country that provides broadcasting in digital format, said Hj Mahrub.

In the process of migration from analogue to digital broadcasting, RTB has taken up major preparations and built infrastructures, such as a satellite transmission in Subok, which was completed early this year.

In addition, there is also the Playout centre with digital equipment, the operational KB digital studio and also its new fully digital complex in Sungai Akar, as well as the provision of relevant staff members with the adequate training to properly operate digital facilities.

Preparations had started as early as 2000, in readying the station for digital coverage, and it will also be developed in phases that require joint cooperation with local production houses, to increase their capacity towards implementing and utilising digital technology, he added.

After a 25-minute live interview session with the acting director, a doa selamat took place at the digital studio inside the new RTB station building at Jalan Maulana KB.

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin



The final expedition trip into the isolating forest with Ritma Picturesque Production. This one was even tiring then before because we recorded the presenter Zamri Jamaluddin in a unique concept to tell a story without boredom. Other than that, everything else was tiring and sweaty! The body was weak and I was avoiding the collapse.

Well I guess I have nothing much to say. Everything was the same, landed in the jungle and at this moment I don't feel like typing about it. Still exhausted.



For several weeks I’ve been telling myself whether I want to do weddings for the rest of my life. And the answer is ‘No’. I’d probably give another year or two and that’s it. In between that, I’ve decided that I’m gonna write scripts, make movies/dramas and direct them gathering a bunch of friends who would be interested in joining or walk up to a production house and propose. I find it rather thrilling then wedding videos.

Although, walking up to production houses that don’t see things positively can be very intense. It’s funny and I’m not saying I have tried it before but I know for certain, they’ll laugh behind our backs, criticizing our ideas with no support whatsoever saying things like ‘Not Possible’ and ‘Not Interested’. I’m annoyed by these kinds. Everything has to go in their way just because they’re better and I find it unprofessional.

Everyday there’s new photographers who’ve decided that its good money by snapping photos. Videographers however are building up slowly by the day they understand how it works. But when years are to come, the last thing you know, this place is full of photographers and videographers. Prices are getting cheaper or higher, equipments are extending by the minute and most likely, quality would be astoundingly brilliant.

My point is, there’s gonna be more people out there doing weddings and I’m not gonna sit here drinking my coffee and smoking a cigarette waiting for duty calls from people wanting cheap rates because they think they’re special. What? Because of the nice tone of voice doesn’t mean you’re getting the credits.

Reading once again from top to bottom sounds like I have something against someone. As a matter of fact, ITS NOT! Don’t be so arrogant. The truth of the matter is, I don’t see myself as a wedding videographer anymore. It’s just not me and I’m beginning to lose interest in covering wedding events. When the time comes, I shall leave this area and proceed with my real deal, films and dramas!



Lookie what we ave ere…Canon XH A1! Now where did this come from?? No you vile person, I had to rent a camcorder to do a wedding! Yes that’s right! Canon XL2 is sent to Singapore for repairs and may take a few weeks, maybe a month. Now renting a camcorder, I didn’t expect to be this, XH A1. Oh yes, it’s my dream camcorder alright!

What a beauty to be using this for the first time on a wedding. Impressive not, it’s similar to XL2 but yet, abit more complex. Shooting in HDV 16:9 1080i 25p (progressive) had its ethics. I honestly didn’t expect it to be heavy compared from my prier camcorder, Panasonic DVX. It’s slightly yet weighing the same as XL2 when applying the stock lens, not the wide angle one. This one had a professional L Series Fluorite Zoom Lens.

Blab la...no need to explain everything, just imagine loving something but couldn’t afford it. The next thing you know, you’re stuck in the middle of traffic, listening to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queens and honking the horns before it reaches the chorus. The chorus of that song is really intense…for me.

The only thing that bothered me was capturing DV tapes into HDV mode. I’m trying out new things without any help, wondering whether I’m doing it right or not. But hey, forums are useful, just waiting for an answer from an amateur.



Yes, another adventure with Ritma Picturesque Production across the Belait River and investigating some unusual discoveries which I personally have not heard about until that day. Interesting facts although it is a documentary, I don’t think I’m allowed to mention anything specific about this due to pre-production project.

It was quite a long expedition that following morning where I woke up in a bed of the Riviera Hotel at exactly as alarm was set at 6AM. Oh by the way, the hotel room was superb. Had breakfast then went on to the boat club as a boat was already waiting for us. Two boats were used and I was operating the camera while Yatie (Director) was there to instruct me most of the shots on one of those boats.

It was indeed too long of a boat ride passing by isolated jungles and not a single boat/person in sight. There were some abandon houses along the way too. Long houses as such. We even stopped to see this in a cage. Skulls. Have no idea the real story but ‘they’ placed it in there.

We were also told by the rangers to not mention definite things whilst we go into the jungle to search for the main obstacle. It was not comfortable at all when encountering the unexpected all around us. It was like eyes were watching upon us. Brunches falling down unexpectedly. Yea, something like that. I was not too concern because ‘it’ has every right to scare us in such a way. We were entering ‘their’ home where nobody had gone for decades. Haha…listen to me with these documents huh.

I burned myself from the hot hot sun along the journey and couldn’t stand the stings I was getting around my neck, ears and face.



…deciding whether to watch ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Back To The Future’. Yea..NOT sleepy yet. Need something to cheer me up. I know this may sound sissy but that’s just me. I watch films when I’m upset.

Boy, my tummy is rattling against my kidneys after drinking 250ml of Milo. I think it’s kicking me now and I might blow in flames with diarrhea. Gosh..I hate that moment where you’d have to sit on the toilet bowl, miserably and praying for those demons to release in rage, torturing the end of your stomach and shittin’ it out completely with relived feeling that you didn’t blow a hole down your guts. Why am I talking about this again?

Ignore my manners readers…silly me.

Oh, about this ‘Twitter’ thingy. I’ve been on it a lot ever since I’ve applied it weeks ago and it’s a fun app to use for brief details about the things you’re doing or infos you need to pass from one to another. Most significantly, I like the verity that you could see what your favorite celebrities are on to. That is, IF they have one.

So far, the celebrities I’ve been following on Tweet are Mark Hoppus (Blink 182), Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) & Nick Frost (Shaun of The Dead & Hot Fuzz). REALLY active users. They’re flooding my board everytime I log in. I suppose it is an interesting way to get around having these applications in the states. Although Frost isn’t American. Metaphorically speaking.

Related to the post below, I’m still wondering about how I am going to capture my footages on to my editing suite. I can’t even turn the bloody thing on and it gets crazy, the last DV Tape is stuck in it and yea, no how to get it out unless I can find someone to lend me a DV handycam.

Ahh..well, I’v decided what I want to watch tonight. ‘Back To The Future’ in trilogy mode except I won’t watch it exclusively. Just the first episode.

One more thing, I’m having this interview on ‘National’ Monday night talking about my filmmaking career and some other bunch of questions from the interviewer, Zamri Jamaluddin. Should be interesting because it’s not in English. I have this ‘tick’ when comes to speaking with a professional in Malay and I might end up with a monkey’s ass choke down my throat as I say my sayings.



This is one of the most awful experiences I’ve ever encountered during a wedding. My beloved Canon XL2 completely died in the middle of an event leaving myself panicking due to some of the compulsory moments between 1 couple. It was hideously dreadful because I had no choice but to miss about 20 minutes solving the problem and ended up driving all the way home to get a back-up camcorder. It took me almost an hour.

Total malfunction, disabling power of its circuits and most likely the fuse. I’ve never experience anything like this but the least to say, it was my fault for not serving it in the first place. Camcorder needs to be serviced at least every once a year from what I was told.

The only problem is, where? But thanks to a dear friend of mine, David Cheok, instructing me to take it to Canon Service Center in ‘Bunut’ for help whether it is obligatory to maintain it there or otherwise to be exported elsewhere. I hadn’t a clue that there was a service center here; obviously I’ve seen this place before but lost sight. Or maybe I wasn’t thinking straight, making rational decisions leading to blankness during the period of troublesome.

I ended up apologizing to the bride about the incident and luckily she was okay and suggests me to come back with a back-up camcorder. And again, I was fluky that I didn’t missed anything important during my absence but still, I didn’t like how it had gone undesirably cocky with this mess.

I’ve been blabbering on about this since the night of the happening and it’s been 2 days now. I’m taking the Canon XL2 first thing on Tuesday as Monday IS a public holiday.

Damn this man. You have no idea what I was thinking when the problem occurred.


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