I’ve shot the first scene for ‘The Shape’ on Thursday just to have my cousin Wanie to be involved in this next horror short film. We started filming at around 9am to speed things up abit because she was also leaving the country back to England. I thought it would be nice to have her on the set as one of the victims before she leaves. It’s pretty much last minute activity to include her.

I’ve just finished editing his 3minute scene. I’m also anxious to start the following shoot in 2weeks. Most of the characters are available by then. The only dilemma now is, I’m gonna be changing a few lines from the storyboard as this scene was shoved in straight away with a one line dialogue saying ‘Azim? Is that you?!’

It means, I’ve producing 2 more characters in the story. Wanie shall be herself & Azim, another fictional character where I’m allegedly placing him somewhere in the story as the brother, in all probability.

But it doesn’t matter; it is still potential to just embrace something else right?

As I’ve counted, there will be 13 fictional characters including a survivor girl. Most likely 10 or 11 will be implicated into a death scene. I’ve been going in and out of the web trying to study some classic and excessive death scenes because I don’t want ‘The Shape’ to be just stabbing people only with a knife. I’ve managed to grab a few ideas though need to build up some gadgets to make it worth entertaining. Props that is.

Basically, the first scene shot had a cool strike but you know, I want something better.

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