I’ve been lazy these last couple of days and staying home is what creates it too. I’d like to have an adventure across the continent sometimes but either that, I’m sitting at home writing another story of lonely guy.

It seems to me, when boredom strikes upon me, I can easily be tempted in so many ways and avoiding every single substantial aspect that would lead me into becoming another piece of fleshing meat which was too hard to sell.

I’m having problems uploading the ‘Suzanna’ film on to the net, Facebook that is since ‘Youtube’ DID reject the video because of the copyrighted music which was included such as ‘Ludacris’-Act The Fool, ‘Andy Mckee’-Rylnn, ‘Brandi Charlie’-Tragedy & ‘Kate Havnevik’-Unlike Me.

Eversince the project of ‘Suzanna’, I felt like creating a drama of my own because some of my associates, professional production house crew was impressed by ‘Suzanna’ accomplishments.On how it was directed & edited together, suggesting me to try send it to broadcast because the story was potentially great. I know it could but I also know that, it may not be a good idea since the story was over-excited and most likely, every single part of Excellencies would be deleted and then it’ll positively become the lackluster drama type, commonly. And I’m not looking for that. I mean, I’ve worked hard to try being dissimilar.

Most of my shipments have arrived. Remember the props I was telling you about previously? Well, I’m also planning to do something with it in some of the on-hold short films. I don’t even know which to begin. I was planning to go with ‘The Shape’. A psychopath, a silent but deadly type who got too carried away and obsessed by his favorite movie, fictional killer slasher and is re-designing the entire storyboards to make it his. Evil strikes upon you.

Yea, something horrifying. But this time, it won’t be as simple as ‘The Apartment’. I’ve always hated on what that film had become. It was my 2nd short film ever. The worst film I’ve committed too was ‘The Awakening’. I’ve realize that the beginning of the film wasted a whole lot of time, watching the character searching through the woods and people seemed to get bored waiting for the next act.

I’m also waiting for some confirmations on projects which are being discussed to be film sometime this month and so it has to be done frequently. Everyone has been asking about ‘The Jo & Jul Show’ 3rd episode and I’m beginning to feel that, it won’t be properly done unless I focus on one thing at a time. I’m trying my best people.

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