This is interesting. I came across to this picture which was posted up on Facebook. It was the good old ‘Not Famous’ days. I specifically remember the night where we had to play 2 gigs! It was quite a rational moment to be performing at 2 different venues as the time was running late.

We were on a SO-CALLED tour between ‘Not Famous’ & ‘Airholes’ to be teaming up on the road to rock the stage. We were kinda in a rice sack of Punk-Rock artist since the other bands were in different genres. Obviously, we had the same sounds of music which was up-beat and dandy. It was the time where ‘Not Famous’ and ‘Airholes’ were always performing together at least twice a month in those good old days of music.

Clearly, you don’t see that now, anymore. It’s dead.

That night, we started at Jerudong’s ‘Razikin Studio’ to perform a few songs and rushed to Lambak’s ‘Duan’s Rock School’ playing 3 songs. I remember this plainly because along the way, I had shit going on in my path. Not to be mentioned at all.

We played a few original songs and some Blink 182’s. It’s really a fascinate moment during the time. It felt alive and as a young being, music was my life! From the looks of it, it was right after we launched our album at The Mall because my manager who’s sitting next to me was also selling ‘Not Famous’ CDs. He was also performing that night in a band called ‘H8’.

The most hilarious part of all in that time was ‘Goth’ & ‘Emo’ which was totally out of the question because it disgusts me. I’m really sorry to say this but a TRUE goth/emo will STILL be goth/emo up until TODAY. Instead, they ARE NOT ANYMORE. It’s sick. Those are what you call WANNABES. I’m not making this shit up.

Especially now, emo dies and indie’s are introduced. Now when you go out, you see a lot of these tight jeans and hats with sling-bags across the shoulder trying to show. Sometimes I get these fans messaging me or interviewing me stuffs about me, I get these compliments or harassments being compared to Blink 182. Well, we all know that everyone likes to talk about anyone right. Doesn’t bother me, it’s commonly known to be banged up from behind. I’m a huge fan of Blink 182 and I still am today.

Meaningless to say, those pop/punk-rock music days are in my blood up until this very moment no matter how much I adore that band in clothing or my vocal-wises and still, I’ve never changed. Apart from this one time (before Not Famous started), I wanted to go for Goth (I have no idea why). But then, to me, wearing those ridiculous make-ups, eye shadows and fancy eye-liners, it deserves to be criticized by people around us because, what the hell am I trying to prove in this ‘religious’ country? I can assure you that, even outsiders would spit in your face trying to act like an American.

Oh my god, I’m already beginning to laugh my ass off reading this.

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