I just came back from KK a day ago and for once, it wasn’t so great from the entire scuttle. For instants, I barely bought anything for myself. The long expedition drive with so called Jo & Jul (which I’m going to refer them from now) was pleasurable. We got in a lot of troubles along the way too.

Halfway through ‘Limbang’, we encountered a burst tire. I & Jo had to change the tire while Jul was traffic control. We were utterly blocking the path of other drivers. It was hot and dirty. We stopped in ‘Temburong’ for a quick tire replacement and some breakfast. I’ve never felt more adventurous in my line of travel.

It was just the 3 of us and we essentially had a great meeting about the set-up of the next Jo & Jul episode to be filmed on the week ends along the boulevard. We moved at 7:30am and arrived just about 4pm. We were abit sluggish. Our main purpose for the jaunt was to pick up Jo’s parents from the airport back from China.

We stayed at the ‘Mercury Hotel’ located at the illustrious shopping center of KK, 1-Borneo. A so called replica of ‘1-Utama’ & ‘Mid Valley’ of Kuala Lumpur. After picking up the passengers from the airport, we went on straight to a restaurant for a late dinner.

I was miserable as they offered seafood food. I don’t eat seafood if you must know.

After the long feast we packed up and head on back to the hotel, rushing for the extra time to shop in the mall without wasting any more time. We only had one day and it was 9pm already.

We walked around in search for some goodies but I couldn’t find what I wanted. I don’t even know what I wanted anyways. The only thing I did was to shop for my wife’s needs. I slept early that night after returning back to the room. I haven’t slept in almost 2days, straight. I woke up the next morning at 6am and was starving.

Jul bought some ‘Burger King’ and left one for myself for breakfast. Eventually we woke up once again at around 10am, getting ready to leave and shop some more before deadline, 3pm. We had to leave at that time because we don’t want to be stuck in ‘Limbang’ (the last immigration check-point) when it got dark.

We managed to arrive back to Brunei on time leaving another half hour when the posts were closing. It was an insane journey to be going in and out for one day. I really didn’t have enough time to loosen up abit.

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