Things have been really hectic for me the last couple of days, shooting and producing my very first drama entitled ‘Suzanna’. For starters it’s NOT written by me but I was directing it with pride.

I enjoyed every minute of the project from point A to point B, finalizing the end product. Although, I’m over stressed with some other certain things along the way. It gives me the headache to even think about it. I’ve been slaving & scrounging day and night working on this masterpiece thinking ‘It’s a damn good one’ to begin for moderators.

It’s certainly in Malay and also some English too just to make it natural cos we speak in both languages generally. Remember how I’ve mention that sometimes it’s a bit boring to show some lame-ass typical shows which no one would enjoy watching and being critical towards the actions??? And because, violence and romance behaviors are most likely unexceptable to be broadcast? Well, I’ve been directing this so-called drama where the violations are inserted within the short film. It’s not going to be broadcasted anyways so why not spice it up a bit by putting in some rape scenes, gang-banging scenes and also disturbing footages right? It’s a net program which I’d like to call it and nothing personal against anybody or anywhere amongst us. It’s just a film.

Off course, you may see some familiar places but that’s not the case. It’s classically the way it is. We all have to agree that we live in a small country. You will notice things quicker than you could say ‘Peter Pieper picked a peck of pickle peppers’.

Now that’s not really what this post is about.

It’s more about the incredible experience working with each and everyone of these individual associates. Working with them really made a huge impact to me. It’s what I’ve always wanted. Working with a committing team. It made filmmaking easier that’s for sure. Everyone helped. Before, I had to control anything. No one would even bother adjusting my tripod stand just so I don’t drop the camera.

Meet some of the writers of ‘Suzzana’. Hard-working students with talents.

We started on Friday and finished on Monday. 4 days, day and night. Non-stop editing and I’m beginning to lose my mind stressing about the tiredness, just so I’d deliver this end video, premiering at UBD this morning at 11am.

I’m still up from last night and this will be my last night staying up til dawn working. I’ve just finish burning it onto a disc. And I’m happy to be attending the screening at UBD later on. I honestly need to be with my wife for a while and focus on some other things. 4 days shoot and 4 days of editing before deadline is quite a journey. Good thing I didn’t have to put subtitles otherwise I’m gonna explode! The only thing I’m impressed about is that it’s 24 minutes long. Haha. Never did that before.

So there you go people, coming soon on youtube. As for ‘The Jo & Jul Sjow’ episode 3, will update soon.

Anonymous –   – (March 21, 2010 at 3:21 AM)  

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