I’ve been finalizing my scripts for episode 3 of ‘The Jo & Jul Show’ which shall be shot within this following weekend ahead. I’m abit notches about the layouts of the end results and I’m hoping it’ll turn out just the way it was plan. It’s really a challenging one too.

My cameo is interesting in this one because I get to be the highlighted one too. Haha. The special guest I’ve mention before won’t be appearing after all. Due to personal absenteeism excuses, we have to go on with the schedule no matter what. We can’t wait that long to shoot episode 3. A substitute was obviously our only alternative and so our question is solved.

Oh, I received another parcel today from Ebay. It ought to be one of the props I ordered weeks ago. I haven’t got the chance to pick it up at the post-office yet. It arrived at half past 3 this afternoon and the office was already closed. I might pick it up on Saturday instead. I’m not sure what it is yet but it’s definitely what I’m assuming it to be. There’s a few more bunch of items I’m waiting for and so I’ve lost track to what was purchased.

Anybody interested in buying a 3G i-phone? I’m not sure whether it’s a 8GB or 16GB one. Does it matter? My cousin decided to sell it. What reasons? He couldn’t text message whilst driving as in, it was difficult to type. I didn’t know we were supposed to do that! Email me asap if interested. A few months old. Price is $750.00.

There you go a bonus paragraph for anyone who reads it.

A week ago, I’ve spent most of my nights watching horror films and was inspired by these mass slasher killers of the 80s. Who? You know damn well, it’s all written down below previously. Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger & Leslie Vernon. Yesterday & tonight, it’s all about the famous killer doll, Chucky.

The greatest part of all was when I arrived to part 4 entitled ‘Bride of Chucky’, at the very beginning of the film, the evidence room scene; you get to see masks of Jason Voorhees & Michael Myers including Freddy’s hand (knife) and Texas’s Chainsaw. I was admired by these cameos because it’s unique to be included in another mass killing film.

It all made perfect senses that all these films were 80s most popular horror screenings ever made. I’m still on the hunt for these ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ series collections. It’s a pain to not have it around when you need one. I also like the inspiration of how all these films are being remade modernly. Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’ was incredibly good. I’m anxious for ‘H2’ which shall be launched in August 2009. You also have ‘Friday the 13th’ (2009) and ‘Child’s Play’ in 2010! I wonder if Brad Dourif is still the voice of Chucky. It’s ashamed to destroy his trademark after all these sequels, he had been a great connection with the killer doll.

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