Ignore the title.

I’ve been monitoring the ‘view statuses’ on my Youtube page on ‘The Jo & Jul Show’ and realized that it had stopped climbing. I guess it’s done to be watch and everyone is anxiously waiting for episode 3 to come out. It’s coming alright. Yea, I know it’s been a while but then there are some other nominal problems on the show so far and we’re trying to re-arrange it properly, consequently. The one that I wrote a few weeks ago was too excessive to make. We wasted 2 whole days and now we’ve scrapped it off completely. So, we are changing the story leaving the previous one behind to be adapted and shall begin the shooting process really soon. Be patience.

You do know that I handle everything on my own right? A one man show game? Does this ring a bell? It’s tiring and not easy to systematize a day of shooting unless there are committing people to give me a hand on firm things and I don’t mean by just becoming a boom-operator. Everyone is waiting for me to act first. And I also don’t expect any explanation assuming I was busy. I’m always carrying my phone and a call would be nice.

On the other hand, I’ve also been incessantly writing my script for my next horror film called ‘The Shape’. I’ve been preparing the sets and particularly props to make killing scenes worth exploring. Thanks to the help of my dad by the way, he always had these exclusive tools and ideas to make anything happen. He’s workshop is like a manufacturing company. You walk in for something to make, and he’ll make it. There’s always a better implication from him. I, myself is anxious about some of the props that are integrated because it’s so damn cool once laying it down on film.

Now the only thing I’m lacking off are actors/actresses. Most of these fictional characters are different judging by the proper attitude & expressions. The only problem is, if I pick someone, they can’t make it and secondly, I’m running out of options and hereby, I need some volunteers to commit to it. In return, it’s just having a fun time experiencing. Haha.

Nevertheless to say, I’m trying so hard to make it through the day without failure.


EPISODE 17-20!

Ghost Whisperer, Season 4 episode 17-20 is out today and I’ve finished watching it moments ago. I’m just gonna spoil the recaps to anybody who watches this drama right here, right now. So, if you are reading upto this point and you gravely don’t wanna know anything about it, stop reading this instant! Don’t blame me for spoiling it. I’ve warned you! I had a friend who was upset about this matter when finding out that Jim died in Season 3. Hahaha!

‘Jim has his memory back and living in another person’s body, no one cares and everyone is happy! HAHAHA! Secondly, remember when Melinda & Jim planned to have a baby but didn’t have the chance because Jim died? Well, they’re getting one!!! HAHAHAHAAAAA!! Thirdly, Hillary Duff is starring in Episode 18 but not that I’m excited for any fans, she is terribly a crappy actress, never did liked her! Not a fan of Lizzie Maguire. NOoooo THANK YOU.



Boy, I’ve been really hanging around the house a lot these few weeks. I couldn’t be any socializing then anybody else I know and I have been pointed out to be an ‘anti-social’ person by friends of mine. I just don’t see the point of ‘lepak’ sometimes unless there’s work or business. I’m an indoor person.

Staying at home has made me realize that I’ve lost track in my sleeping timeline. I’m always sleeping at 4 or 5 in the morning and waking my ass up at 12:30PM, accurately to have breakfast.

Just moments ago, I’ve forced myself to sleep at 8PM++ and I’ve just woken up at exactly 12:30AM, precisely. Wide awake and I have not a clue how I’m going back to sleep afterwards. I’ve got nothing to do, to edit nor in the mood to write scripts whatsoever. Does this mean I’m going to be sleeping LATER then 5PM? I did this twice 2 weeks ago during the drama shoot just so I wasn’t late to get to the scene at 9AM.

There has been word about the JJ show to be back and running next week since everybody has cranking up both actors to release episode 3. It’s not them, it’s me. I’ve been busy setting up my program and not only that, the storyboards are in a total clutter.

Just yesterday, I’ve finished re-arranging my teaser film ‘The Shape’ which needs to be shot sometime this week. A quick demo to set off the upcoming film. Some people have asked, I talk too much about my short films but am I making any money with it? The answer is ‘No’. Is it a hobby? The answer is still ‘No’. Basically, I’m making a portfolio on films because I, too, one day will want to broadcast dramas or films and practicing makes perfect. I think I’ve declare this by now, but if you are reading this and didn’t see this posted up previously, that’s why. Don’t ask me anymore. I might have to put a chopstick up your nose.



Here’s some of my latest mask which I’ve received a few weeks ago. As you all know, I’m utterly obsessed with Michael Myers. If you don’t know him, he’s the killer slasher in ‘Halloween’ films. The middle mask is an original piece. It was not cheap at all and was in trouble with the wife for it but I still insist on buying it not only for my well-being pleasure but for my upcoming short film along with some other props I have in stack. Currently, I’m mastering the scripts.

It’s about a boy who was so fanatical by these mass killers such as Jason Voorhees, Texas Chainsaw, Freddy & Chucky but Michael Myers was his favorite character. One day, insanely, he just got up and started killing his victims according to the actual film, murdering his entire family and anyone who stands in his way. He is trying to re-design the whole storyline for the movie consequently. The moral of the story is quite unique. (Not to be mention just yet) but I call this film ‘The Shape’. I’m still on the look-out for characters that would be able to play the role for following casts.

Here are some of my mask trials.

There are a few more masks I’m waiting for to be delivered since Myers didn’t just have 1 mask in all of the series. It’s always changing. It’s part of my new hobby in collecting masks. Including Jason of Friday the 13th.

I’m going to have to say, this will be a very tiring job because most of the things I’ve included in my story are way pass low budget. There are things that must be done building and created in order to make a simple story into an abnormal texture.






I’ve been lazy these last couple of days and staying home is what creates it too. I’d like to have an adventure across the continent sometimes but either that, I’m sitting at home writing another story of lonely guy.

It seems to me, when boredom strikes upon me, I can easily be tempted in so many ways and avoiding every single substantial aspect that would lead me into becoming another piece of fleshing meat which was too hard to sell.

I’m having problems uploading the ‘Suzanna’ film on to the net, Facebook that is since ‘Youtube’ DID reject the video because of the copyrighted music which was included such as ‘Ludacris’-Act The Fool, ‘Andy Mckee’-Rylnn, ‘Brandi Charlie’-Tragedy & ‘Kate Havnevik’-Unlike Me.

Eversince the project of ‘Suzanna’, I felt like creating a drama of my own because some of my associates, professional production house crew was impressed by ‘Suzanna’ accomplishments.On how it was directed & edited together, suggesting me to try send it to broadcast because the story was potentially great. I know it could but I also know that, it may not be a good idea since the story was over-excited and most likely, every single part of Excellencies would be deleted and then it’ll positively become the lackluster drama type, commonly. And I’m not looking for that. I mean, I’ve worked hard to try being dissimilar.

Most of my shipments have arrived. Remember the props I was telling you about previously? Well, I’m also planning to do something with it in some of the on-hold short films. I don’t even know which to begin. I was planning to go with ‘The Shape’. A psychopath, a silent but deadly type who got too carried away and obsessed by his favorite movie, fictional killer slasher and is re-designing the entire storyboards to make it his. Evil strikes upon you.

Yea, something horrifying. But this time, it won’t be as simple as ‘The Apartment’. I’ve always hated on what that film had become. It was my 2nd short film ever. The worst film I’ve committed too was ‘The Awakening’. I’ve realize that the beginning of the film wasted a whole lot of time, watching the character searching through the woods and people seemed to get bored waiting for the next act.

I’m also waiting for some confirmations on projects which are being discussed to be film sometime this month and so it has to be done frequently. Everyone has been asking about ‘The Jo & Jul Show’ 3rd episode and I’m beginning to feel that, it won’t be properly done unless I focus on one thing at a time. I’m trying my best people.



As you all may be wondering, the latest film titled ‘Suzanna’ will be posted either up on my ‘Youtube’ or ‘Facebook’ very soon after clearing out the gums of the finished product. Censored version is what I meant. Hopefully on ‘Youtube’ though regardless of the insight copyrighted music used in the show, these are always the procedure before uploading any source of whatsoever.

My first 24 minute drama shall be divided into 3 partitions as the maximum duration of the video for Youtube is 10 minutes and not more than 1GB. That is, IF you don’t know that by the way. So it shall be in 3 parts of chapters.

I happen to find a few more photos of the shooting sessions on Facebook.

It may look like a typical local drama but the way it was produced was totally different from which I DIDN'T want it to be too typical if you know what I mean. But seriously, as they always say 'Never judge a book from it's cover..'. It may look boring but please, try to take a look at it and feel the message I was sending'.

Yesterday (Wednesday), I was actually invited to attend the short film screening at UBD along with the other team players. I also watched another short film by the other team and was astounded on the speculation and inspiration which was developed amongst themselves. Although, the concept was almost the same in some parts of the film. But then again, if was hilarious and I enjoyed the show.



Things have been really hectic for me the last couple of days, shooting and producing my very first drama entitled ‘Suzanna’. For starters it’s NOT written by me but I was directing it with pride.

I enjoyed every minute of the project from point A to point B, finalizing the end product. Although, I’m over stressed with some other certain things along the way. It gives me the headache to even think about it. I’ve been slaving & scrounging day and night working on this masterpiece thinking ‘It’s a damn good one’ to begin for moderators.

It’s certainly in Malay and also some English too just to make it natural cos we speak in both languages generally. Remember how I’ve mention that sometimes it’s a bit boring to show some lame-ass typical shows which no one would enjoy watching and being critical towards the actions??? And because, violence and romance behaviors are most likely unexceptable to be broadcast? Well, I’ve been directing this so-called drama where the violations are inserted within the short film. It’s not going to be broadcasted anyways so why not spice it up a bit by putting in some rape scenes, gang-banging scenes and also disturbing footages right? It’s a net program which I’d like to call it and nothing personal against anybody or anywhere amongst us. It’s just a film.

Off course, you may see some familiar places but that’s not the case. It’s classically the way it is. We all have to agree that we live in a small country. You will notice things quicker than you could say ‘Peter Pieper picked a peck of pickle peppers’.

Now that’s not really what this post is about.

It’s more about the incredible experience working with each and everyone of these individual associates. Working with them really made a huge impact to me. It’s what I’ve always wanted. Working with a committing team. It made filmmaking easier that’s for sure. Everyone helped. Before, I had to control anything. No one would even bother adjusting my tripod stand just so I don’t drop the camera.

Meet some of the writers of ‘Suzzana’. Hard-working students with talents.

We started on Friday and finished on Monday. 4 days, day and night. Non-stop editing and I’m beginning to lose my mind stressing about the tiredness, just so I’d deliver this end video, premiering at UBD this morning at 11am.

I’m still up from last night and this will be my last night staying up til dawn working. I’ve just finish burning it onto a disc. And I’m happy to be attending the screening at UBD later on. I honestly need to be with my wife for a while and focus on some other things. 4 days shoot and 4 days of editing before deadline is quite a journey. Good thing I didn’t have to put subtitles otherwise I’m gonna explode! The only thing I’m impressed about is that it’s 24 minutes long. Haha. Never did that before.

So there you go people, coming soon on youtube. As for ‘The Jo & Jul Sjow’ episode 3, will update soon.



YAMAHA R6 (2006)

I'm helping out a friend to sell this beauty bike. Excellent condition. 600HP. First owner. Will also replace brand new tires.
Price: $16,000 (Fix Price). Non-negotiable. No Re-Loan. Take it or Leave it.
SWAP with Nissan Silvia S14 (manual) or Nissan Skyline R33 (manual). For further information, please email me at adam.grvs@yahoo.com .


I'm getting rid of my Canon 400D if anybody shooters out there interested. Battery grip & 2 battery packs, charger included with box. 2GB Kingstion Memory Card. 18-55mm kit-lens. Good condition.
Price: $800.00. Non-negotiable. Fix price. Take it or leave it.



I would definitely like to watch this film on DVD.



…on hold for another 2weeks. I have this last minute confirmation for drama project associating with a bunch of writers from UBD. Hiring me to shoot and direct a short film with them. It has to be done before Thursday and so I’m taking the weekend and replacing episode 3, next week.

It’s probably the best to keep it on hold for a while to re-arrange the storyboard/scripts as we’ve encountered some minor errors lastweek that utterly sucked in so many ways. You may read the previous post below regarding the disaster of the shooting.

Earlier on this evening, I was going through the storyboards about this upcoming short film with the writers at ‘Mamih’ to get everything in place and managing some of the priorities in filmmaking such as, and most importantly, setting up the schedules & locations. The one thing I’ve learn about making a drama in the days are to shoot the scenes by location and not to waste with time going back and forth according to the scripts. If you have a bedroom scene more than once in a film, shoot everything in there at once.

Obviously, it is importantly to go by location because it has to be submitted by next week, the deadline. I was admired by these outstanding students which really made a hell lot of effort then just a typical program. The idea was on the table. It was a good story and I enjoyed meeting everybody I hardly know.

Especially my good friend Maya. She was the one with the experiences. I was working with her last year, December, to be specific, in a local drama called ‘Sutera Berduri’ which probably be aired sometime this year. She knew the steps well enough that I’d agree in such a way to shoot this short film drama.



‘Quarantine’ is a movie I recently watched. Twice. The first time was absolutely a superstitious. The second understood it correctly. So it means I was too curious about what’s coming the first time and totally lost track about the storyboard apart from the rabies that victims were spreading.

It’s abit like ‘Cloverfield’ where WE, the audience, will be watching the movie in first person view. A camera which was filming the entire event. Except, this one was more realistic in my point of view because it had the feeling pumping in your heart that keeps you thinking about what’s beyond the door with all the screamings. What’s happening.

Quarantine is like actually being there, standing there when the problems occured. Cloverfield is typically like watching an evidence video which was recovered from a crime scene.

I was watching it in the dark, lights out after 1am and 5.1 surround sounds shook the room as the violence got hotter and hotter. Seriously, I peed in my own pants when it scared the shit out of me at one point.

If you want to know what its about, just read the inscriptions written on the movie poster above. That’ll tell you all.



…a dear friend of mine proposing a short film which I may be getting involve after a meeting this Wednesday night discussing the assignment given. It’s a student’s project that’ll actually be paid for the entire creativeness which was constructed amongst them. After reading the brief details, I was astounded by the remarks given by these student’s to be choosing me as the perfect person for the job. And that is, a completely insane horror buff filmmaker who knows the exact ways to direct their stories together. If I sound too confident, you may doubt me if you like for all I care cos that’s the beauty of our nation. Critics.

I don’t think I’m allowed to be talking about the project but I have given you a slight clue from the first paragraph. Duhh… But I do know this, the deadline is on the 14th April which indicates myself to do a hell lot of rush from shooting to editing.

Actually, I have another one which involves dancers. It’s also a short film written by one of them and proposed me whether I’m up for the directions from my camera. I’m, as a matter of fact, interested to try and get involve with this kind of request. It’s a good library for my work to be viewed on projects I’ve been doing. Especially for short films.



The last 2 days of shooting didn’t really seem to be any more pleasuring than the previous episodes created. It must have been the time and locations which made a total failure. It even started raining really hard for at least 2hours and nothing could be done during the time. Clock was ticking.

The room was getting darker by the minute whilst using a home-made lighting just for the sake of not having any noise going on. No difference. The day scene was gone and it didn’t match the one we did the day before. The boom operator was not in placed due to the shadows behind the actors and framing was disconsolately managed by crowdedness. The audio was pretty bad too and from the headphones I was using, the rain was pouring down with no mercy itching my ear-drums by the seconds.

At 6:30pm, we gave up. It was bad-timing. We sat down once again and talked about the story. I needed to re-write the scripts and change location, a bigger space with lots of inserts and so, we thought about a break until this forthcoming week to re-do all parts and make everything happen the way we usually do.

The most imposing part was, my so called Executive Producer was doing a really good job in trying to make everything in place, managing the steps/times from the storyboards superbly whilst others are enjoying time of their own.

This is the kind of person you need in a production, acutely. Before that, I had to control everything single thing with non-experience crew in order to be professional for a low budget show as this. And honestly, metaphorically speaking, you can’t be a boom operator, lighting-man and camera-man at the exact same time when short of help.

I’ve been sitting infront of my computer for awhile looking over the shots did yesterday. There’s just a couple of scenes I’ll be using which was done accordingly planned but the remaining clips shall be scrapped.

Stay Tune for more updates on Episode 3.



I’ve been fiddling around with this new backdrop moments ago which I’ve just picked up sometime today to do some experiments. It’s not as easy as it seems when handling with the keying mode. I was lacking on lightings which didn’t quite show a pretty picture. So there I was filming myself doing the monkey dance and imitating Russell Peters’s dance dance revolution.

It worked perfectly fine besides the shadows reflection behind this imbecile. I also have the green backdrop but there isn’t any difference regarding my developments.

The Red, Blue or Green screen is actually so that you could replace the backgrounds and do some creative shyte behind it, just for your info to those who don’t understand what this is. RGB. It works accurately when doing it properly.

I’m going to have to try this again tomorrow on the shooting day of episode 3 with outside natural lights to see what happens because I’m planning to use it in this upcoming episode just for pleasure.

It’s Day 1 of filming ‘The Jo & Jul Show’ and here I’m messing around with this blue screen hanging on my wall while my scripts still scattered all over the place, reorganizing the plot and changing the necessaries. I’m sitting here, feeling abit witty and concentrating on the words crossing my mind along with my coffee and cigarette in both hands.



This is interesting. I came across to this picture which was posted up on Facebook. It was the good old ‘Not Famous’ days. I specifically remember the night where we had to play 2 gigs! It was quite a rational moment to be performing at 2 different venues as the time was running late.

We were on a SO-CALLED tour between ‘Not Famous’ & ‘Airholes’ to be teaming up on the road to rock the stage. We were kinda in a rice sack of Punk-Rock artist since the other bands were in different genres. Obviously, we had the same sounds of music which was up-beat and dandy. It was the time where ‘Not Famous’ and ‘Airholes’ were always performing together at least twice a month in those good old days of music.

Clearly, you don’t see that now, anymore. It’s dead.

That night, we started at Jerudong’s ‘Razikin Studio’ to perform a few songs and rushed to Lambak’s ‘Duan’s Rock School’ playing 3 songs. I remember this plainly because along the way, I had shit going on in my path. Not to be mentioned at all.

We played a few original songs and some Blink 182’s. It’s really a fascinate moment during the time. It felt alive and as a young being, music was my life! From the looks of it, it was right after we launched our album at The Mall because my manager who’s sitting next to me was also selling ‘Not Famous’ CDs. He was also performing that night in a band called ‘H8’.

The most hilarious part of all in that time was ‘Goth’ & ‘Emo’ which was totally out of the question because it disgusts me. I’m really sorry to say this but a TRUE goth/emo will STILL be goth/emo up until TODAY. Instead, they ARE NOT ANYMORE. It’s sick. Those are what you call WANNABES. I’m not making this shit up.

Especially now, emo dies and indie’s are introduced. Now when you go out, you see a lot of these tight jeans and hats with sling-bags across the shoulder trying to show. Sometimes I get these fans messaging me or interviewing me stuffs about me, I get these compliments or harassments being compared to Blink 182. Well, we all know that everyone likes to talk about anyone right. Doesn’t bother me, it’s commonly known to be banged up from behind. I’m a huge fan of Blink 182 and I still am today.

Meaningless to say, those pop/punk-rock music days are in my blood up until this very moment no matter how much I adore that band in clothing or my vocal-wises and still, I’ve never changed. Apart from this one time (before Not Famous started), I wanted to go for Goth (I have no idea why). But then, to me, wearing those ridiculous make-ups, eye shadows and fancy eye-liners, it deserves to be criticized by people around us because, what the hell am I trying to prove in this ‘religious’ country? I can assure you that, even outsiders would spit in your face trying to act like an American.

Oh my god, I’m already beginning to laugh my ass off reading this.



I’ve been finalizing my scripts for episode 3 of ‘The Jo & Jul Show’ which shall be shot within this following weekend ahead. I’m abit notches about the layouts of the end results and I’m hoping it’ll turn out just the way it was plan. It’s really a challenging one too.

My cameo is interesting in this one because I get to be the highlighted one too. Haha. The special guest I’ve mention before won’t be appearing after all. Due to personal absenteeism excuses, we have to go on with the schedule no matter what. We can’t wait that long to shoot episode 3. A substitute was obviously our only alternative and so our question is solved.

Oh, I received another parcel today from Ebay. It ought to be one of the props I ordered weeks ago. I haven’t got the chance to pick it up at the post-office yet. It arrived at half past 3 this afternoon and the office was already closed. I might pick it up on Saturday instead. I’m not sure what it is yet but it’s definitely what I’m assuming it to be. There’s a few more bunch of items I’m waiting for and so I’ve lost track to what was purchased.

Anybody interested in buying a 3G i-phone? I’m not sure whether it’s a 8GB or 16GB one. Does it matter? My cousin decided to sell it. What reasons? He couldn’t text message whilst driving as in, it was difficult to type. I didn’t know we were supposed to do that! Email me asap if interested. A few months old. Price is $750.00.

There you go a bonus paragraph for anyone who reads it.

A week ago, I’ve spent most of my nights watching horror films and was inspired by these mass slasher killers of the 80s. Who? You know damn well, it’s all written down below previously. Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger & Leslie Vernon. Yesterday & tonight, it’s all about the famous killer doll, Chucky.

The greatest part of all was when I arrived to part 4 entitled ‘Bride of Chucky’, at the very beginning of the film, the evidence room scene; you get to see masks of Jason Voorhees & Michael Myers including Freddy’s hand (knife) and Texas’s Chainsaw. I was admired by these cameos because it’s unique to be included in another mass killing film.

It all made perfect senses that all these films were 80s most popular horror screenings ever made. I’m still on the hunt for these ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ series collections. It’s a pain to not have it around when you need one. I also like the inspiration of how all these films are being remade modernly. Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’ was incredibly good. I’m anxious for ‘H2’ which shall be launched in August 2009. You also have ‘Friday the 13th’ (2009) and ‘Child’s Play’ in 2010! I wonder if Brad Dourif is still the voice of Chucky. It’s ashamed to destroy his trademark after all these sequels, he had been a great connection with the killer doll.



I just came back from KK a day ago and for once, it wasn’t so great from the entire scuttle. For instants, I barely bought anything for myself. The long expedition drive with so called Jo & Jul (which I’m going to refer them from now) was pleasurable. We got in a lot of troubles along the way too.

Halfway through ‘Limbang’, we encountered a burst tire. I & Jo had to change the tire while Jul was traffic control. We were utterly blocking the path of other drivers. It was hot and dirty. We stopped in ‘Temburong’ for a quick tire replacement and some breakfast. I’ve never felt more adventurous in my line of travel.

It was just the 3 of us and we essentially had a great meeting about the set-up of the next Jo & Jul episode to be filmed on the week ends along the boulevard. We moved at 7:30am and arrived just about 4pm. We were abit sluggish. Our main purpose for the jaunt was to pick up Jo’s parents from the airport back from China.

We stayed at the ‘Mercury Hotel’ located at the illustrious shopping center of KK, 1-Borneo. A so called replica of ‘1-Utama’ & ‘Mid Valley’ of Kuala Lumpur. After picking up the passengers from the airport, we went on straight to a restaurant for a late dinner.

I was miserable as they offered seafood food. I don’t eat seafood if you must know.

After the long feast we packed up and head on back to the hotel, rushing for the extra time to shop in the mall without wasting any more time. We only had one day and it was 9pm already.

We walked around in search for some goodies but I couldn’t find what I wanted. I don’t even know what I wanted anyways. The only thing I did was to shop for my wife’s needs. I slept early that night after returning back to the room. I haven’t slept in almost 2days, straight. I woke up the next morning at 6am and was starving.

Jul bought some ‘Burger King’ and left one for myself for breakfast. Eventually we woke up once again at around 10am, getting ready to leave and shop some more before deadline, 3pm. We had to leave at that time because we don’t want to be stuck in ‘Limbang’ (the last immigration check-point) when it got dark.

We managed to arrive back to Brunei on time leaving another half hour when the posts were closing. It was an insane journey to be going in and out for one day. I really didn’t have enough time to loosen up abit.


Not Famous (My Band)

Not Famous (My Band)

My Music

My Music
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