I’ve got a Desert Eagle waiting to be used in my next short film which shall be shot next week, after filming ‘The Jo & Jul Show’ episode 2 this week. Hehe.

My upcoming short will be about a desperate/dishearten wife whose husband beats her up for no particular reasons at all. In stipulations of the way she works at home, asking too many questions about whether he’ll be late for supper or interacting with other men. She soon discovers the perfect prospect for vengeance.

It’s moderately subtle.

I’ve already found an artiste for the part. Maya. An old friend of mine whose proficiency is slightly encouraging when comes to filming, especially drama. During the time working for ‘Megabond Productions’, she was actually starring as one of the hairdressers in the drama I was shooting last December and it came to mind that, I wanted her to try out something dissimilar. She agreed. She also had some ideas for more of my short upcoming horror films.

I haven’t got a title for this next film other than ‘Vengeance’ yet. Initially, my preparation was to do a sequel on ‘The Awakening’ but I find it somewhat unappealing towards final structure and scrap the whole speculation out my wits. Obviously, the story wasn’t quite what I imagined.

Anyhow, let’s see what’ll happen on next week’s project but before that, I’m anxiously wanting to try sort out the storyline for ‘The Jo & Jul Show’, episode 2!

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