The Jo & Jul Show (Episode 2)
‘The One With All The Efforts’
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Moments ago, I was editing episode 2 of ‘The Jo & Jul Show’. The final storyline and the idea had expanded to complicated and fun. This next 10 minutes film (The One With All The Efforts), is about a famous celebrity who will be visiting the state for an autograph conference as contribution to visit for the first time. It was published in the newspapers one where Jul was reading and he tells Jo about the exciting news.

The tickets were luxurious within their budget. Jo & Jul came up with an idea to raise cash just to meet this famous superstar. Who? (You’ll see). In terms to attend this autograph session, Jo & Jul began searching for chores of their own.

Unlike most comedy’s, things didn’t quite turn out the way it was expected. So hold on to your panties for this next episode of ‘The Jo & Jul Show’.

*Don’t Forget, myself & both characters will be doing an interview at RTB ‘Pilihan’ at 9:20PM on Thursday itself. So stay tune!

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