I’m currently on the pre-production of the brand new ‘NetProgram’ of ‘The Jo & Jul Show’. As I mentioned before, this is an ongoing event which was discussed between both actors, executive producer Shah Rizan Azaman & fans favorite, Paul Bokhari.

The motive of this program that I intend to do is to produce something where it fulfilling for me and to others that have enjoyed with the first episode. It’s fun and funny and to me, it’s doubtless one of my best short films ever. Approximately 10 minutes worth of your time to watch these 2 boys in action! Now, there’s already been word by supporters of this program that it’ll be best if there was something new in the area.

I seriously was overwhelmed by this sensation art of work that brought it all together. It was rather appealing after discovering that the final cut was an absolute fine work during the screening in my living room along with the crews and casting members of my production. The idea was there and it had every bit of details to conclude during the shoot, thanks to the help of Jo & Jul.

We sat down and discussed about making another episode, one after the other and planned for a monthly event to launch 1 episode all the way. There may be some violations in this programs but what the heck? It’s just for show. Probably, the next step after the exposure is to properly create a standard show.

Me & Fifiey are currently writing a few drafts one after another and it gets even thorny when the impracticable is written down. I think that it’ll be challenging once I’ve got the hang of it and I’m actually speaking about editing-wise. It has to be great!

I’ve tried doing some researching on the net about some of the things that I can’t do now and looking for a possible intimidating ways to solve every aspects of my idea in this program into an incredibly insane art of work. Anybody has the aptitude to do it and I’m gonna make this show rock!

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