A couple of weeks ago, I bumped into an old fellow friend who once played in a band with me. After for so long, not in touch and all, I offered him to come over to the house to play some riffs around with the guitars, you know, catch up on the good old days where we played a few shows before.

I began to remember that I had some old music/recording materials which was still on hold back inside my computer. It was in a folder titled ‘Project 13’ which meant, Visions 13. That’s the name of my band. It was initially a 2-piece band where I usually get a few others to play for a show.

We were astonished on the tunes that we’ve created together. One thing led to another, we jammed along with the digital drums from my speakers. It was so good, I felt like a musician again. It made the whole foot-tapping-thing going on as the music builds harder and harder.

He begged me to finalize those materials and air it on radio, just for all times sake. I only need to record my vocals. I opened another folder on words and discovered that I have lyrics already. I thought I needed to write them again and I was so determined. Lyrics can be a pretty pain in the ass to write sometimes.

So, I began searching for the missing bits of my recording equipment and went out to buy a small mixer and recording it with a SM-57 microphone which should do the job. I spent a few hours today recording my vocals and my sore-throat and flu is not helping. I felt like my guts were going to blow or something.

Eventually I’ve managed to clear the witty sounds from my blocked-nose and began laying down tracks flawlessly. I noticed that something wasn’t right. The sound of my vocals didn’t have a kick. Was I doing it the wrong way or do I need to take a few years of audio-study?? It didn’t happen before. Or maybe I was not incapable on doing audio recording anymore. I fully assumed that the microphone setting wasn’t in proper order. But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up that quickly, its only day 1 of the process. So, I’m working on the system today to figure out this minor problem.

I’ll let you know if I’m done with it. Hopefully.

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