Meanwhile, watching a petrifying film such as Halloween, (2007) written & directed by Rob Zombie, I knew at that point I wanted to do some research on this antagonist fictional character, the evil dark slasher, ‘Michael Myers’. I honestly thought that it was based on true events like the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’. Apparently, it wasn’t.

It started/written in the 1970s to be one of the most scariest tale about a young boy named Michael Myers who grew within evil, when he picked up a kitchen knife and killed his older sister, Judith, on one particular night and obviously, the 31st October, Halloween night.

He was sent to a mental institute, probably an asylum called Saint seomthing and spent most of his years growing inside his cell making masks. He was obsessed with mask since Halloween. Calm and disturbing, there hasn’t been a word since then. By odds, Halloween fell on the night he escaped. The only direction he knew was back home to find his baby sister. Not a baby anymore but a grown up teenager. He killed several, maybe dozen teens along the quest of his route to find his sister.

Having to know, he hides his face for no scrupulous reasons at all with a mask, shaped as a person face, white surfaced covering the entire part of his face excluding the eyes. Dirty overall and boots to spicen up the look of this 6 foot 7 monster. Standing tall and destroys anything he touches when coming across to anybody who dares stand in the way of Michael Myers.

And the story goes on after you are interested enough to buy a copy of any Halloween films. Rob Zombie’s version recommended. Haha.

Anyways, I was really into the whole mood of liking this character and thought about looking for some oldies, movie shopping of Halloween. Apparently there’s 8 – 9 stories about Michael Myers and every one of them are top notch, guarantee pissing yourself, scared to hell, frightening, nutsack shaking movie to watch, at night…! Duhh…!

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