Bare in mind, this topic involves a mask. Inspired by Michael Myers of Halloween & Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th. I bought this mask earlier on today.The mask was perfect from my intuition. I guess, I may have to do some modifications though, it’s too plain don’t you think? So initially you’ll know what’s coming.

It actually crossed my mind about a film I know where 3 mysterious beings were forthcoming a house to kill for no meticulous reasons. All 3 of them were wearing masks. One of the female killers was wearing a mask, almost the same as this one above. Invariably, she was scariest of the bunch.

The person who will be behind the mask is yet to be known. She will be acting in next month’s short film. The script is not quite done yet but the layout of the film is absolutely brutal. Now, most of you readers may not red some of the previous news below. It’s boring right? So I consider repeating the news all over again just as a reminder to you.

2009 is a year for me where I’ll be at least filming 2 short films in a month. That includes a brand new episode of ‘The Jo & Jul Show’. It could be anything. Anything I’m eager to do just to attain a short film, it’s my intensions to fill this year with entertainment. I just love writing and shooting them. You might realize that I’m into horror.

‘Youtube’ carries some of my earlier films such as ‘The Suicide’ starring by myself and ‘The Apartment’ starring by Jasmine Basri. If you new readers have seen it on ‘Youtube’, then you might have not heard about ‘The Awakening’ which was posted on my ‘Facebook’ a month ago. I’m not posting it on Youtube.

Let’s just say, its one of those release where you have to search for it secretly.

The following week a head of me is a film called ‘The Vengeance’. I’ve mention the synopsis previously below. You can scroll back down. The set has been done, as soon as the actors are informed by me. The mask above is for April’s. Obviously, from the looks of it, it’ll be another thrilling story about a girl behind the mask who seeks for whatever opportunity to hear a ‘scream’.

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