Apparently, I’ve gotten away with crime. I habitually encounter wedding events with bad lightings. Not only I blame the house with dim lights or sometimes no lights at all but balmy and progressively unbalance at times but I haven’t got the time to come around buying lightings when shooting a wedding.

At one point, I thought I knew what I was doing by handling my aperture settings along with my shutter speed from my camcorder. Nonetheless, I’ve always managed to spice the footages on my editing suite. I met another videographer a few days ago who was known as ‘Zanzone Videography’. A single man in action with piles of accessories, body-armed and effectively brilliant with lights. He not only had lights located in several places of the area while shooting but he knew why he needed them. I never realized my mistake when it comes to lighten up the place in a weak lighting zone.

As I said, I’ve gotten away with crime.

I couldn’t believe how I’ve managed to get away with a so-called good job towards my customers and me, self-conscious realizing that everytime I edit a part where it’s dark, I get noise grains all over the bloody picture and that’s irritating. But I kept it to myself, but now, this previous wedding I did, I was consulted by this person who had lights all over the place and by the amaze, my video was awesomely great.

I have to get lights! Once and for all, I’m gonna have to invest some dongs to get whatever is necessarily to improve my videos with full lighten style. How did I not know it or thought about getting lights in the first place. I was intimidated by the fact that doing a perfectly most astonishingly great job by covering various footages to hide noise grains and too infuriated by having them.

So, I’m getting lights to shut you up!

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