I’m surprise to be contacted by Alan from ‘Pilihan’ RTB this morning regarding on ‘The Jo & Jul Show’ to be asked whether they can come and do an interview sometime next week after confirmation. It freaked me out as well as the actors that everyone has been watching the video and laughing their bums off.

A huge ‘thank you’ goes out to AnakBrunei for the redistribution the video on his site once again. Eversince that, the short film made its way to an interview??

Fundamentally, they want both actors to come and talk about the motive/moral of this short film and how in a way it could be interrelated towards the entertainment in Brunei, something like that. Dates & time are in my hands but until it can be confirmed, I will need to hear more comments about the short film.

Please comment either on ‘Facebook’ or ‘Yotube’ and spread the words to reveal this unanticipated plan.

I’m still getting a few viewers that the audio cannot be heard from the video. I haven’t a clue why this is happening because everything seems to be okay on most of my friends computer. Probably, the settings on the speaker, I don’t know. But, THERE IS AUDIO. Music, effects and script are all included apart from the subtitles which are only extras.

Thanks once again.
Stay-tune for Episode 2, next week!

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