Lately, I’ve been spending most of my nights watching ‘Friday the 13th’ episodes. We’re talking way back from the very beginning of the first chapter, the original film ‘Friday the 13th (1980). It’s pretty much a wow and hilarious to look back to the way the film was shot years ago compared to ones we have today. The new edition of Friday the 13th (2009) [which I have not seen yet due to cinema quality], is amazingly advanced.

I mean, the 80s film are not as scary as I thought they’d but legends has it, those were the most frightening slasher films back then. Even ‘Jason Voorhees’, the killing machine’s hockey mask wasn’t introduced up to part 3! Onwards then, people loved the idea that this fictional character has a trademark.

Eversince I’ve became insanely fanatic with my favorite mask slasher ‘Michael Myers’ of Halloween, I wanted to get to know ‘Jason Voorhees’. And so, I went online researching about the films and decided to go hunt for the missing pieces. I came across to ‘Freddy Vs Jason’ (2006). I kinda liked everything in it including ‘Freddy Kreuger’. Now, Freddy is a very familiar character I know since I was young. The film ‘The Nightmare On Elm Street’ was exactly one of those films I wasn’t allowed to watch at a young age. Sex & violence obviously. I only saw bits of it and this character was scary.

Freddy Kreuger kills when kids go to sleep and so the film between Jason reminded me those days with difficulty in sleeping. So, after discovering a mass load of ‘Halloween’, part 1 – 8, I began my search for ‘Friday the 13th’, I knew there were loads of episodes referring from the net. It’s difficult to find after ‘Freddy Vs Jason’ and ‘Jason Goes To Hell’.

I’ve finally found the entire box set of ‘Friday the 13th’ a couple of days ago and began watching it one after the other and to me, it was an amazing journey to watch these old series of horror films not only by the story itself but the entire quality was switching slowly from classic to modern technology!

Not only the film is crazy but you might wanna check out the nudities of the 80s. F-ing rad!

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