For the first time of my existence, I hear talks about ‘Rambo’ but never came around to be watching any of those films. At this very moment, I did. I started from the very beginning ‘First Blood’ part 1 and all the way up to part 4, the latest Rambo.

It’s funny but when I got to Rambo 2 & 3, I began to grasp that; Charlie Sheen’s ‘Hot Shot Part Duex’ was almost the exact replication on both Rambo 2 & 3 films. Except, it was comedy rather than an actual battle such as Stallone’s. Through out the film I was picturing Topper Harley instead on John Rambo. Topper Harley is the name of Charlie Sheen in the film I just stated.

‘Rambo’ was great but as much as it was written by Slyvester Stallone, I liked ‘Rocky’ better. Rocky felt more than a war. Although, I love the fact that Rambo tells us more about the battleground in those days, the killing and the torturing, the civilians and the capturing, hostages, bombs, explosion and heavy stinger artillery that’ll crawl out your butt. However, Stallone’s self-written films are essentially based on real-life events, possibly towards him too.

I became a fan of Stallone since the day I watch the first Rocky film and went online doing research about this superstar. Not only he talks funny but as many people would refer him to, he was fascinated in writing films and to sell it before being an actor. He was pushed over the boundary when Hollywood producers; media industrial fields would con him to be abit…how do you say? slow. He wasn’t though, he was him. That’s his character. Nothing less than that.

Apparently Stallone is one of the founders of ‘Planet Hollywood’ along with a few more celebrities such as Arnold Schawzenagger. Difficult name to spell from a Terminator.

Anyways, if you haven’t watch Rambo before, watch it!

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