I actually have plans this weekend to go to Kota Kinabalu to do a shoot. I’m quite sure what it is yet but I’m supposed to come up with a story. I haven’t written any ideas down but I’m arriving ground-zero. I like the fact that, the scenery is not local in eye-witness. It’s really a piece to portray my video library. I keep saying it but there’s nothing yet to lie down.

I’ll be damn sure that my camera is filming something to make it up my words. Honestly, I have this sickness where I have to film something to make myself happy. I couldn’t care less what people say but I’ll definitely shoot the hell out of my own guts right down my own white arse. You know, just to put a smile on my face whenever I think of it.

To classify my own style of closure between good or evil, I kinda have a little bit of both excluding; I CAN hear evil nor see NO evil. It’s just this crap I have to put up with when talking to myself sympathetically against my will for walking on the salty sand of a sandy beach. Metaphorically speaking, I talk nonsense in this third paragraph.

And so, I need to speak then just think.

I’m going to KK, with my Canon XL2 (abit risky but I’m willing to face the facts), to document something OR make something, ANYTHING into SOMETHING. Feeling a bit notches at the moment, my tummy is making that rambling racket and my mind’s tick-tocking on what my next line is about other than twaddle.

I’m afraid I’m going to stop right here and let my brain doze to sleep infront of another scary movie called ‘Scream 3’, watching it from my projector on this brown wall, laying on my comfy bed, taking a last sip of my coffee with my right hand in my pants and..… (You say something for me now, I’m going to sleep..)

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