I have an offer to the viewers who may be interested in what I have to distribute. I have opened up the whole month of April starting from the 1st-30th to make a music video/documentary/film for couples whomever is willing to take their next step in their relationship.

It’s actually like a Pre-wedding or Post-wedding clip where you dress up to be a star in your own films. It can be anything you like, any songs you request and the only thing which makes it a great video is the creativity which will be insert into this video clip, almost like a short film. It’s at least 4-5minutes of duration or probably more. Scripts are written by me (Optional).

It would also be great to reconstruct the design of how these 2 individual people met for the first time as a story-line in the past including the journey up until today. That would optimistically make a huge collision on the film.

I offer a sit-down discussion about the video, dates to be shot, location-wise and creative materials. Everyone will get their money’s worth as this is an opportunity to make something that has never been offered before.

An excellent package for April ONLY. Interested? Please email me at adam.grvs@yahoo.com for package rates.

P/s: Put your mind to it, you won't know what you'll be missing!

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