I came up to this website, AKSI VIDEO and discovered quite awesome results for the locals to be competing with films, short films that are quite good. The idea was extraordinarily great, apart from just a short footage with a good motive and morality, I kinda liked it.

You know, a few months back, I’ve written a short film to compete in this ‘RTB Aksi Video’ event. I got excited and said ‘Finally, something I actually love doing’. I’ve gotten some details from a couple of my friends of mine who was convincing me to join this so called short film competition, except I didn’t like the idea that it was only for 90seconds.. (1 Miunte 30 Seconds)

I was glad to be told to do it. Eversince that, I never really paid any consideration whether it’s exceeding the time given or not. I shot, and edited the video. By which, I’ve always wanted to join a contest of at least 3-5minutes of leisure held by locals. I stopped editing after this substantial ignorance where my brain was working left & right instead on consistence.

Invariably, I knew the terms and conditions whilst submitting a 5 minutes film, I didn’t essentially care if I was rejected. I only wanted them to watch the damn film; you know a bonus of a hypotactic filmmaker. So, I disregarded my self-consciousness and backed away from this letter box they had in the office. I didn’t want to be the ‘NOT’ reading the terms & conditions of contest after submitting the form and DVD person either my short film was great or not.

I’m eager for another opportunity to do it, for real this time when this event is held once again.

If you are wondering what the short film I was writing about, the answer lies on ‘The Jo & Jul Show’. Except, the character in it who is playing ‘Jo’, is me. Me & Paul (Jul).

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