I have an offer to the viewers who may be interested in what I have to distribute. I have opened up the whole month of April starting from the 1st-30th to make a music video/documentary/film for couples whomever is willing to take their next step in their relationship.

It’s actually like a Pre-wedding or Post-wedding clip where you dress up to be a star in your own films. It can be anything you like, any songs you request and the only thing which makes it a great video is the creativity which will be insert into this video clip, almost like a short film. It’s at least 4-5minutes of duration or probably more. Scripts are written by me (Optional).

It would also be great to reconstruct the design of how these 2 individual people met for the first time as a story-line in the past including the journey up until today. That would optimistically make a huge collision on the film.

I offer a sit-down discussion about the video, dates to be shot, location-wise and creative materials. Everyone will get their money’s worth as this is an opportunity to make something that has never been offered before.

An excellent package for April ONLY. Interested? Please email me at adam.grvs@yahoo.com for package rates.

P/s: Put your mind to it, you won't know what you'll be missing!



I actually have plans this weekend to go to Kota Kinabalu to do a shoot. I’m quite sure what it is yet but I’m supposed to come up with a story. I haven’t written any ideas down but I’m arriving ground-zero. I like the fact that, the scenery is not local in eye-witness. It’s really a piece to portray my video library. I keep saying it but there’s nothing yet to lie down.

I’ll be damn sure that my camera is filming something to make it up my words. Honestly, I have this sickness where I have to film something to make myself happy. I couldn’t care less what people say but I’ll definitely shoot the hell out of my own guts right down my own white arse. You know, just to put a smile on my face whenever I think of it.

To classify my own style of closure between good or evil, I kinda have a little bit of both excluding; I CAN hear evil nor see NO evil. It’s just this crap I have to put up with when talking to myself sympathetically against my will for walking on the salty sand of a sandy beach. Metaphorically speaking, I talk nonsense in this third paragraph.

And so, I need to speak then just think.

I’m going to KK, with my Canon XL2 (abit risky but I’m willing to face the facts), to document something OR make something, ANYTHING into SOMETHING. Feeling a bit notches at the moment, my tummy is making that rambling racket and my mind’s tick-tocking on what my next line is about other than twaddle.

I’m afraid I’m going to stop right here and let my brain doze to sleep infront of another scary movie called ‘Scream 3’, watching it from my projector on this brown wall, laying on my comfy bed, taking a last sip of my coffee with my right hand in my pants and..… (You say something for me now, I’m going to sleep..)



'I Mean The Snakes' is on the merge for a show on Sunday at Jerudong Park, 8pm onwards! I support the band because they have some excellent materials and I just love the way that it has a different feel of music in my ears composed by locals. Secondly, my brother plays the bass and dammit, I thought him! Hahaha!!!

To be precised, the location is where the old simulator used to be. I can't hardly remember where since the place is falling apart, nevertheless to say, it's a shithole.



A couple of weeks ago, I bumped into an old fellow friend who once played in a band with me. After for so long, not in touch and all, I offered him to come over to the house to play some riffs around with the guitars, you know, catch up on the good old days where we played a few shows before.

I began to remember that I had some old music/recording materials which was still on hold back inside my computer. It was in a folder titled ‘Project 13’ which meant, Visions 13. That’s the name of my band. It was initially a 2-piece band where I usually get a few others to play for a show.

We were astonished on the tunes that we’ve created together. One thing led to another, we jammed along with the digital drums from my speakers. It was so good, I felt like a musician again. It made the whole foot-tapping-thing going on as the music builds harder and harder.

He begged me to finalize those materials and air it on radio, just for all times sake. I only need to record my vocals. I opened another folder on words and discovered that I have lyrics already. I thought I needed to write them again and I was so determined. Lyrics can be a pretty pain in the ass to write sometimes.

So, I began searching for the missing bits of my recording equipment and went out to buy a small mixer and recording it with a SM-57 microphone which should do the job. I spent a few hours today recording my vocals and my sore-throat and flu is not helping. I felt like my guts were going to blow or something.

Eventually I’ve managed to clear the witty sounds from my blocked-nose and began laying down tracks flawlessly. I noticed that something wasn’t right. The sound of my vocals didn’t have a kick. Was I doing it the wrong way or do I need to take a few years of audio-study?? It didn’t happen before. Or maybe I was not incapable on doing audio recording anymore. I fully assumed that the microphone setting wasn’t in proper order. But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up that quickly, its only day 1 of the process. So, I’m working on the system today to figure out this minor problem.

I’ll let you know if I’m done with it. Hopefully.



Don’t really pay attention on the above; it’s just something I was swindling around in Photoshop. I was writing down some ideas of episode 3 moments ago and this next piece is totally challenging. What I mean by that is, the arrangements are immense, visibly in my opinion but the actors may think I’m going crazy.

There are 2 scenes in this 3rd episode which involves lots of effort, and I’m not chatting about the usual Jo & Jul-2days-to-shoot-this-project-routine but filling up the obligatory parts to make it tremendously exclusive.

Now, it gets ‘awesomer’ (a word from Smosh), there will be a very special guest to be appearing in this next show and somehow, self-confidently, I’m gonna get this person to be engage no matter what. It’s just part of the filmmaking field where typically, it gives the best picture to include somebody who most people are familiar with and secondly, it creates the whole ‘Wow…check out whose in THIS episode!’ from local viewers.

That’s why most of the team may think I’m going too far for the impossibilities. But as I said before, creativity is what brings a film to life. I insist to have this part included in this particular episode. Not to mention, I have to try get this person first, otherwise its plan B for another special appearance.



Lately, I’ve been spending most of my nights watching ‘Friday the 13th’ episodes. We’re talking way back from the very beginning of the first chapter, the original film ‘Friday the 13th (1980). It’s pretty much a wow and hilarious to look back to the way the film was shot years ago compared to ones we have today. The new edition of Friday the 13th (2009) [which I have not seen yet due to cinema quality], is amazingly advanced.

I mean, the 80s film are not as scary as I thought they’d but legends has it, those were the most frightening slasher films back then. Even ‘Jason Voorhees’, the killing machine’s hockey mask wasn’t introduced up to part 3! Onwards then, people loved the idea that this fictional character has a trademark.

Eversince I’ve became insanely fanatic with my favorite mask slasher ‘Michael Myers’ of Halloween, I wanted to get to know ‘Jason Voorhees’. And so, I went online researching about the films and decided to go hunt for the missing pieces. I came across to ‘Freddy Vs Jason’ (2006). I kinda liked everything in it including ‘Freddy Kreuger’. Now, Freddy is a very familiar character I know since I was young. The film ‘The Nightmare On Elm Street’ was exactly one of those films I wasn’t allowed to watch at a young age. Sex & violence obviously. I only saw bits of it and this character was scary.

Freddy Kreuger kills when kids go to sleep and so the film between Jason reminded me those days with difficulty in sleeping. So, after discovering a mass load of ‘Halloween’, part 1 – 8, I began my search for ‘Friday the 13th’, I knew there were loads of episodes referring from the net. It’s difficult to find after ‘Freddy Vs Jason’ and ‘Jason Goes To Hell’.

I’ve finally found the entire box set of ‘Friday the 13th’ a couple of days ago and began watching it one after the other and to me, it was an amazing journey to watch these old series of horror films not only by the story itself but the entire quality was switching slowly from classic to modern technology!

Not only the film is crazy but you might wanna check out the nudities of the 80s. F-ing rad!



Apparently, I’ve lost words talking in the interview of ‘The Jo & Jul Show’. I couldn’t make up my mind whether I’ve delivered enough messages to listeners about what was going through my head to accomplish something rather yet amusing towards the series.

Jo & Jul indeed had fun answering questions by DJ Alan on Pilihan. I guess, I was abit edgy about the idea of my latest short film being interviewed. Unfortunately, I was. It’s a blessing to be climbing up this ladder and be sitting of the rooftop of the PGGMB building, I don’t know.

But gravely, it was huge to be sitting there and listening about what was said. I haven’t a clue that there was so much going on in viewer’s mind that episode 2 entitled ‘The One With All The Efforts’ was greater than the ‘The One With The Race’. It inspired me more to create something better then the last.

I quote myself saying that ‘Each film has to be better than the last..’ on air when Dj Alan asked about how hilarious can the NEXT episode be? We’ll have to find out ourselves won’t we?

I felt this incredible energetic force coming into each of us that we were capable in doing something extraordinary for entertainments. In fact, I hope that episode 3 would be an ingredient to pull as much attention as it could.



The One With All The Efforts

Written & Directed by Adam Groves!



The Jo & Jul Show (Episode 2)
‘The One With All The Efforts’
Thursday on Facebook & Youtube!

Moments ago, I was editing episode 2 of ‘The Jo & Jul Show’. The final storyline and the idea had expanded to complicated and fun. This next 10 minutes film (The One With All The Efforts), is about a famous celebrity who will be visiting the state for an autograph conference as contribution to visit for the first time. It was published in the newspapers one where Jul was reading and he tells Jo about the exciting news.

The tickets were luxurious within their budget. Jo & Jul came up with an idea to raise cash just to meet this famous superstar. Who? (You’ll see). In terms to attend this autograph session, Jo & Jul began searching for chores of their own.

Unlike most comedy’s, things didn’t quite turn out the way it was expected. So hold on to your panties for this next episode of ‘The Jo & Jul Show’.

*Don’t Forget, myself & both characters will be doing an interview at RTB ‘Pilihan’ at 9:20PM on Thursday itself. So stay tune!



I came up to this website, AKSI VIDEO and discovered quite awesome results for the locals to be competing with films, short films that are quite good. The idea was extraordinarily great, apart from just a short footage with a good motive and morality, I kinda liked it.

You know, a few months back, I’ve written a short film to compete in this ‘RTB Aksi Video’ event. I got excited and said ‘Finally, something I actually love doing’. I’ve gotten some details from a couple of my friends of mine who was convincing me to join this so called short film competition, except I didn’t like the idea that it was only for 90seconds.. (1 Miunte 30 Seconds)

I was glad to be told to do it. Eversince that, I never really paid any consideration whether it’s exceeding the time given or not. I shot, and edited the video. By which, I’ve always wanted to join a contest of at least 3-5minutes of leisure held by locals. I stopped editing after this substantial ignorance where my brain was working left & right instead on consistence.

Invariably, I knew the terms and conditions whilst submitting a 5 minutes film, I didn’t essentially care if I was rejected. I only wanted them to watch the damn film; you know a bonus of a hypotactic filmmaker. So, I disregarded my self-consciousness and backed away from this letter box they had in the office. I didn’t want to be the ‘NOT’ reading the terms & conditions of contest after submitting the form and DVD person either my short film was great or not.

I’m eager for another opportunity to do it, for real this time when this event is held once again.

If you are wondering what the short film I was writing about, the answer lies on ‘The Jo & Jul Show’. Except, the character in it who is playing ‘Jo’, is me. Me & Paul (Jul).



Bare in mind, this topic involves a mask. Inspired by Michael Myers of Halloween & Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th. I bought this mask earlier on today.The mask was perfect from my intuition. I guess, I may have to do some modifications though, it’s too plain don’t you think? So initially you’ll know what’s coming.

It actually crossed my mind about a film I know where 3 mysterious beings were forthcoming a house to kill for no meticulous reasons. All 3 of them were wearing masks. One of the female killers was wearing a mask, almost the same as this one above. Invariably, she was scariest of the bunch.

The person who will be behind the mask is yet to be known. She will be acting in next month’s short film. The script is not quite done yet but the layout of the film is absolutely brutal. Now, most of you readers may not red some of the previous news below. It’s boring right? So I consider repeating the news all over again just as a reminder to you.

2009 is a year for me where I’ll be at least filming 2 short films in a month. That includes a brand new episode of ‘The Jo & Jul Show’. It could be anything. Anything I’m eager to do just to attain a short film, it’s my intensions to fill this year with entertainment. I just love writing and shooting them. You might realize that I’m into horror.

‘Youtube’ carries some of my earlier films such as ‘The Suicide’ starring by myself and ‘The Apartment’ starring by Jasmine Basri. If you new readers have seen it on ‘Youtube’, then you might have not heard about ‘The Awakening’ which was posted on my ‘Facebook’ a month ago. I’m not posting it on Youtube.

Let’s just say, its one of those release where you have to search for it secretly.

The following week a head of me is a film called ‘The Vengeance’. I’ve mention the synopsis previously below. You can scroll back down. The set has been done, as soon as the actors are informed by me. The mask above is for April’s. Obviously, from the looks of it, it’ll be another thrilling story about a girl behind the mask who seeks for whatever opportunity to hear a ‘scream’.



I’m surprise to be contacted by Alan from ‘Pilihan’ RTB this morning regarding on ‘The Jo & Jul Show’ to be asked whether they can come and do an interview sometime next week after confirmation. It freaked me out as well as the actors that everyone has been watching the video and laughing their bums off.

A huge ‘thank you’ goes out to AnakBrunei for the redistribution the video on his site once again. Eversince that, the short film made its way to an interview??

Fundamentally, they want both actors to come and talk about the motive/moral of this short film and how in a way it could be interrelated towards the entertainment in Brunei, something like that. Dates & time are in my hands but until it can be confirmed, I will need to hear more comments about the short film.

Please comment either on ‘Facebook’ or ‘Yotube’ and spread the words to reveal this unanticipated plan.

I’m still getting a few viewers that the audio cannot be heard from the video. I haven’t a clue why this is happening because everything seems to be okay on most of my friends computer. Probably, the settings on the speaker, I don’t know. But, THERE IS AUDIO. Music, effects and script are all included apart from the subtitles which are only extras.

Thanks once again.
Stay-tune for Episode 2, next week!



I’ve finally purchased a few items from Ebay moments ago. Just some props that may be needed in some other short films I intend to do once received. I find it rather tempting to get cheap-good-quality materials for filmmaking from Ebay. It’s the way to go you know. You can’t find it here or you can’t travel, might as well online shopping. The only prob is, you’ll have to wait a weeks the most.

Sometimes, when I write a script or something, it’s irritating to not have the stuffs you need to include in a film. It bothers me to hold because the exact essence isn’t enough to be fulfilled within the moment of my curriculum. I have to find something yet boring to replace this unpredicted scenario.

Just a day ago, I’ve bought probably 15 DVDs and all of them are horror-scary films. I watched them at night before bed just to capture some of the ideas from each and every one of those movies. Everytime I come up to a scene where I observe props around the characters, I say ‘holly shit balls… that’s wicked!’ Props I wish I had then jotting it down the list of things that can’t be bought here neither Miri. (Miri is actually the first most frequent place to be looking for something by locals.)

At this peak, you must be wondering ‘What on earth is this maniac up to?’. Well, the answer lies beneath my skin and yet to be discovered amongst yourselves. Haha. If I tell you, you’ll be going ‘Owhh…skadar…’ along with your ridiculous faces.

The fact that most of the items can be made, I find it rather un-acceptable to not have something more abnormal & extraordinary in certain stages. Perfectionist is my problem. Egotistic has nothing to do with trying hard to accomplish something great. We all learn from our mistakes.



For more Wedding video samples, you may proceed to 'My Videography' Link. Thanks

P/s: Be sure to select HQ 'High Quality' before watching.



I’ve got a Desert Eagle waiting to be used in my next short film which shall be shot next week, after filming ‘The Jo & Jul Show’ episode 2 this week. Hehe.

My upcoming short will be about a desperate/dishearten wife whose husband beats her up for no particular reasons at all. In stipulations of the way she works at home, asking too many questions about whether he’ll be late for supper or interacting with other men. She soon discovers the perfect prospect for vengeance.

It’s moderately subtle.

I’ve already found an artiste for the part. Maya. An old friend of mine whose proficiency is slightly encouraging when comes to filming, especially drama. During the time working for ‘Megabond Productions’, she was actually starring as one of the hairdressers in the drama I was shooting last December and it came to mind that, I wanted her to try out something dissimilar. She agreed. She also had some ideas for more of my short upcoming horror films.

I haven’t got a title for this next film other than ‘Vengeance’ yet. Initially, my preparation was to do a sequel on ‘The Awakening’ but I find it somewhat unappealing towards final structure and scrap the whole speculation out my wits. Obviously, the story wasn’t quite what I imagined.

Anyhow, let’s see what’ll happen on next week’s project but before that, I’m anxiously wanting to try sort out the storyline for ‘The Jo & Jul Show’, episode 2!



Meanwhile, watching a petrifying film such as Halloween, (2007) written & directed by Rob Zombie, I knew at that point I wanted to do some research on this antagonist fictional character, the evil dark slasher, ‘Michael Myers’. I honestly thought that it was based on true events like the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’. Apparently, it wasn’t.

It started/written in the 1970s to be one of the most scariest tale about a young boy named Michael Myers who grew within evil, when he picked up a kitchen knife and killed his older sister, Judith, on one particular night and obviously, the 31st October, Halloween night.

He was sent to a mental institute, probably an asylum called Saint seomthing and spent most of his years growing inside his cell making masks. He was obsessed with mask since Halloween. Calm and disturbing, there hasn’t been a word since then. By odds, Halloween fell on the night he escaped. The only direction he knew was back home to find his baby sister. Not a baby anymore but a grown up teenager. He killed several, maybe dozen teens along the quest of his route to find his sister.

Having to know, he hides his face for no scrupulous reasons at all with a mask, shaped as a person face, white surfaced covering the entire part of his face excluding the eyes. Dirty overall and boots to spicen up the look of this 6 foot 7 monster. Standing tall and destroys anything he touches when coming across to anybody who dares stand in the way of Michael Myers.

And the story goes on after you are interested enough to buy a copy of any Halloween films. Rob Zombie’s version recommended. Haha.

Anyways, I was really into the whole mood of liking this character and thought about looking for some oldies, movie shopping of Halloween. Apparently there’s 8 – 9 stories about Michael Myers and every one of them are top notch, guarantee pissing yourself, scared to hell, frightening, nutsack shaking movie to watch, at night…! Duhh…!




Apparently, I’ve gotten away with crime. I habitually encounter wedding events with bad lightings. Not only I blame the house with dim lights or sometimes no lights at all but balmy and progressively unbalance at times but I haven’t got the time to come around buying lightings when shooting a wedding.

At one point, I thought I knew what I was doing by handling my aperture settings along with my shutter speed from my camcorder. Nonetheless, I’ve always managed to spice the footages on my editing suite. I met another videographer a few days ago who was known as ‘Zanzone Videography’. A single man in action with piles of accessories, body-armed and effectively brilliant with lights. He not only had lights located in several places of the area while shooting but he knew why he needed them. I never realized my mistake when it comes to lighten up the place in a weak lighting zone.

As I said, I’ve gotten away with crime.

I couldn’t believe how I’ve managed to get away with a so-called good job towards my customers and me, self-conscious realizing that everytime I edit a part where it’s dark, I get noise grains all over the bloody picture and that’s irritating. But I kept it to myself, but now, this previous wedding I did, I was consulted by this person who had lights all over the place and by the amaze, my video was awesomely great.

I have to get lights! Once and for all, I’m gonna have to invest some dongs to get whatever is necessarily to improve my videos with full lighten style. How did I not know it or thought about getting lights in the first place. I was intimidated by the fact that doing a perfectly most astonishingly great job by covering various footages to hide noise grains and too infuriated by having them.

So, I’m getting lights to shut you up!



For the first time of my existence, I hear talks about ‘Rambo’ but never came around to be watching any of those films. At this very moment, I did. I started from the very beginning ‘First Blood’ part 1 and all the way up to part 4, the latest Rambo.

It’s funny but when I got to Rambo 2 & 3, I began to grasp that; Charlie Sheen’s ‘Hot Shot Part Duex’ was almost the exact replication on both Rambo 2 & 3 films. Except, it was comedy rather than an actual battle such as Stallone’s. Through out the film I was picturing Topper Harley instead on John Rambo. Topper Harley is the name of Charlie Sheen in the film I just stated.

‘Rambo’ was great but as much as it was written by Slyvester Stallone, I liked ‘Rocky’ better. Rocky felt more than a war. Although, I love the fact that Rambo tells us more about the battleground in those days, the killing and the torturing, the civilians and the capturing, hostages, bombs, explosion and heavy stinger artillery that’ll crawl out your butt. However, Stallone’s self-written films are essentially based on real-life events, possibly towards him too.

I became a fan of Stallone since the day I watch the first Rocky film and went online doing research about this superstar. Not only he talks funny but as many people would refer him to, he was fascinated in writing films and to sell it before being an actor. He was pushed over the boundary when Hollywood producers; media industrial fields would con him to be abit…how do you say? slow. He wasn’t though, he was him. That’s his character. Nothing less than that.

Apparently Stallone is one of the founders of ‘Planet Hollywood’ along with a few more celebrities such as Arnold Schawzenagger. Difficult name to spell from a Terminator.

Anyways, if you haven’t watch Rambo before, watch it!


EPISODE 13-16!

Finally, something to keep off the tension on my head after waiting sometimes for the next episodes of ‘Ghost Whisperer’, SEASON 4 launches. I walked in the DVD store, looked for the top 4 dramas I love watching and I found this! Just my luck. I was eager for this one to arrive first. It did!

The other top 3 dramas I love watching are ‘Desperate Housewives’, ‘90210’ & ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’. I know…why not Supernatural , CSI or Heroes right? Cos those are the famous ones I hear all over the place nowadays. I gotta hand it to you; I know what I’m doing. As a matter of fact, the ones I chose for instants Ghost Whisperer & Desperate Housewives are some of the thoughtful programs for information and ideas. I just love the ingenious camera works and storyline.

You may be wondering that some of the un-mention ones have the same thing but trust me; I know what I’m doing. Haha. Let’s just call it a method I’m trying to study on how dramas activate for entertainments. As far as the local dramas are concern, they can stay the way it is for decades. Beyond these modern dramas, something easy is on the other side of those walls but nobody around us could appreciate the consequences just by sighing when anyone has a bright opinion. Malaysia can do it, why can’t we?!



Precisely at this very moment, apart from typing this, I had just finished writing the scripts for Episode 2 of ‘The Jo & Jul Show’. Yup. Completo! It’s quite fun to be writing these scripts of stupidity for comedies and I’m trying my best. In fact, I don’t see the amusing in the scripts but I’m visualizing the way it’ll be shot. The motion IS even more exciting because you have the actor’s in ‘Character Mode’.

Shah Rizan and Paul produced their own characters for the show in stipulations of how they’d act and what they’d say, assuming that they were the genuine people. As for me, I kinda like to fantasize them to be more of a ‘Simon Pegg’ & ‘Nick Frost’. If you’ve watched ‘Shaun of The Dead’, Shah Rizan would definitely be the main actor of ‘Shaun’ and Paul would be the co-actor ‘Ed’. You know, the comical big guy. That also goes for ‘Hot Fuzz’ and that’s how I look at them in my show.

I just love English films. They’re more pragmatic from the American films. Americans spends more money on visual effects than the actual films. English is unique and far more entertaining than American ones. I know a few who agrees.

Shah Rizan & Paul also said that, they’d like to switch acts sometimes on other episodes where it doesn’t have to be Jo ‘The Classy Show-off’ one and Jul ‘The Insanely Dummy’ one in every episodes. I said, well, if that’s the case, viewers, friends, families would already expect that JUL would be humorist one because he’s the main actor and we’d expect more laughs from him the next time we see them in action and so they’d like to keep JUL the way he is from the beginning. Shah Rizan can be pretty hilarious too I tell you and WE are going through these ideas and see which goes better.

But let’s hold our pants on a sec and see what’ll go best in these upcoming episodes towards the actors in their character modes.



These are some pre-wedding photos of these soon to be newly weds. Thanks to Kamli who called me up for the photoshoot. Shot with 2 Canon 400Ds, a 18-55mm kit lens & and 28-300mm zoom lens. I think it's alright don't you think? It's just a try and hopefully its accepted. Seriously, I'm a videographer and photography is just a back-up job for me and so I'm still learning. Edited in Adobe Lightroom.



The music scene in Brunei is not the same as it was before. There are only a few and I mean little amount of well-known bands still playing music up to this very day. Not for you, but for me, whom I’ve seen actively mental for music in my days.

Now I see lots of kids, forming up a band and trying to get into the groove to make it big. I’m not trying to doubt in any ways but I’d like to see what that could stand up no matter what happens. Keep going. Because it’s the only time you’ll ever feel alive before the biggest consequences in life. Its yet to come.

I’ve did my days, I never stopped. Look where it got me. My enchanted dreams came through but not for long. I’m all grown up now and I can’t guarantee an even bigger success in music. I need to start and think about my future. I’m actually fond about a couple of musicians who got married, have kids, works long hours and still trying to make the band get there. It’ll happen. But my current status back then was, I only wanted to achieve that one thing and that is, enjoy my life as a teenager, play in shows, make the audience applause and record and album which I did and it all fell apart just because I wanted to carry on living differently, recorded the whole new level of music and build a business company. Saved money, got married and enjoy what I was doing.

I really could get back into music, but it ain’t worth it to get too serious. Once you’ve reached to that level where you have to be responsible for your actions, you’ll know. But seriously, I miss it very much. I enjoyed every minute of my life banging my guitar on stage and pretending to be someone else. As you get older, you’ll realize that you wouldn’t what to be somebody you’re not.

For serious musicians, someplace during the journey as a musician, you’ll feel that vibe, intense emotional conflict whether you’ll go on. I did, I thought about it a lot. Bruneians couldn’t care more about what you play, or what materials you’re willing to propose. You might as well play ‘Sinaran’ by Sheila Majid or ‘Getaran Jiwa’ by P.Ramlee.



I’m currently on the pre-production of the brand new ‘NetProgram’ of ‘The Jo & Jul Show’. As I mentioned before, this is an ongoing event which was discussed between both actors, executive producer Shah Rizan Azaman & fans favorite, Paul Bokhari.

The motive of this program that I intend to do is to produce something where it fulfilling for me and to others that have enjoyed with the first episode. It’s fun and funny and to me, it’s doubtless one of my best short films ever. Approximately 10 minutes worth of your time to watch these 2 boys in action! Now, there’s already been word by supporters of this program that it’ll be best if there was something new in the area.

I seriously was overwhelmed by this sensation art of work that brought it all together. It was rather appealing after discovering that the final cut was an absolute fine work during the screening in my living room along with the crews and casting members of my production. The idea was there and it had every bit of details to conclude during the shoot, thanks to the help of Jo & Jul.

We sat down and discussed about making another episode, one after the other and planned for a monthly event to launch 1 episode all the way. There may be some violations in this programs but what the heck? It’s just for show. Probably, the next step after the exposure is to properly create a standard show.

Me & Fifiey are currently writing a few drafts one after another and it gets even thorny when the impracticable is written down. I think that it’ll be challenging once I’ve got the hang of it and I’m actually speaking about editing-wise. It has to be great!

I’ve tried doing some researching on the net about some of the things that I can’t do now and looking for a possible intimidating ways to solve every aspects of my idea in this program into an incredibly insane art of work. Anybody has the aptitude to do it and I’m gonna make this show rock!



Holly macaroons… I had another surprised birthday blast! Now seriously, I didn’t know about this one. Not like last night. Hehe. The plan was to go to Berakas beach and to chill, BBQ off course. But as soon as I arrive, a lit up birthday cake with a Mr Bean’s face was on the table waiting to be blown away. I didn’t know until I saw 25th birthday and everyone around me was younger. So the birthday song was sung once again. That’ll be my 3rd cake!

I’m having a great time and enjoyed having my wife, cousins and friends to be celebrating my silvery jubilee.

Unexpectedly, a last minute phone call from a client wanted to do a pre-wed photo-shoot. Now with all the revelation and everyone enjoying the chickens & lambs and asked myself. “Do I do this shoot or should I just be busy with the happenings?”

I brought the camera and was willing to do this photoshoot for these clients of mine who were getting married this coming Friday. What the heck. Get some cash in me pocket. So they ask, where will the photoshoot be? I suggested and determined them to come to Berakas beach because I was sluggish to be moving to another place and leaving my festivity behind. Hehe. Secondly, there are some nice panorama landscape and gratifying action going on at the time that may be able to use as a pre-wed session location.



I knew it. My wife said she was going out to get some stuff and I knew it from the spot, she was planning a party for me. So much for me, I disfigured it by going around the kitchen, chasing her and hinting, “You planning a party for me? Really? What did you get me? Who’s coming?”. Haha. I couldn’t help it. I was excited. I never get parties. Seriously.

And, it was the first party in my marriage and it was my entire wife’s idea. How great is that?

I had most of my cousins coming, close friends per say. Parents & in-laws. I got 2 cakes! My wife bought me one and Paul & his girlfriend Eyan bought another. So much for me, nosy, I saw them came and I quickly opened the door and saw the 2 brats lighting up the candles. I blemished it again! Anyways, it was obvious that I was going to open the front door to let them in right? I saw it.

Through out the festivity, one by one came and greeted. My wife cooked dinner, a wonderful one though. Before blowing out the candles of each cake, I made a wish, utterly planned. I wished for something really great and hopefully my wish is granted. It’s so powerful, even nobody close to me nor my wife could ever figure it out. No, not a new camera, something even extraordinary than that.

After the parents went home, we had a round of ‘Taboo’ games going on and it was alright until everyone looked like they were stuffed with all the food in their belly’s and looking all tired and depressed. Everyone gave up and went home. Some fell asleep on my living room couch. And me? I’m typing this post.


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