This gotta be the worst idea to blog about. I love watching ‘Ghost Whisperer’ by Jennifer Love Hewitt. I’ve bought boxsets of season 1 upto the last, season 4, episode 12.

Season 1 of any tv-series, NOT sitcoms, usually tells you the real deal about the main characters, their personal lives. Well, after sympathetic true colors of Melinda Gordon & Jim Clancy’s relationship in marriage, I seemed to wonder a lot about loving someone so much and prayed to god that you’ll do whatever it takes to support ones back. Real love is nothing like the movies. There aren’t any miracles in that. When they leave you, they LEAVE you. And for all you know, you’re crying your ass of thinking that you won’t find anybody else like them.

The last episode of Season 1 was quite shocking to me when someone, unexpectedly dies. And you’re going, ‘What the FUCK?!’. I then assumed every last episode of a ‘Ghost Whisperer’ seasons shall get more devastating because it’s usually like that It makes the viewers froze their buttholes thinking, ‘Should I just crap here on the sofa or should I just cry?’.

Well, Jennifer Love Hewitt was obviously the star of the show but co-star David Conrad as Jim Clancy, Melinda’s husband dies in season 4? NO WAY! That’s too much. I cried my ass off watching Melinda’s breakdown and Jim’s wandering spirit walks, trying to talk to Melinda, telling her that he won’t crossover into the light because he can’t live without her.

Towards the end when Melinda soon sees him and talks to him, Jim found his way to make things better and that is? He jumps into another dead man’s body. But everything back-fired. WE, viewers see him living in another man’s body but Jim couldn’t retain information at all.

Melinda sees Jim’s face but grief-stricken that the living being doesn’t remember anything.

All I kept thinking about was, shit. There has to be a real good irrational explanation for all of this. I mean, David Conrad dies? Co-star? How can this be? I get really apprehensive sometimes to think about the program, as if it was my drama. So now what, does Jim Clancy remain in the show until he remembers Melinda his wife and moves in with her but living in another man’s body all through the program or will this be the last time we’ll see him star with Jennifer? Dammit! I hate waiting for the next appearance! I’m still waiting for Desperate Housewives & Sarah Connor Chronicles and that’s already a kick in the nut sack.

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