Hi & Welcome once again to my new blog. I know I’ve been changing from one site to another but coming back to ‘Blogspot’ felt awesomely right. For starters, I’m married, finally to Susy. The most trilling experience I’ve ever convicted.

All seems great since I’ve move to my new home and living the life with my wife. There are still things being abit hectic every now and then but getting there rarely slowly.

Many may wonder what happened to ‘Ning’ website not only of the busyness I’ve been going through but it didn’t feel right. I was wrong. You may even wonder why I chose for a new domain site instead of the previous Blogspot I had popularity known for Visual Dimensions. Well, infact, its all the same but I really didn’t want to mix 2009’s stories in the 2007’s journal which pretty much is bad luck. I wanted to start fresh. Again.

Definitely a freshly new start indeed since I’ve wedded with dear sugar mama whose looking as beautiful as ever.

Now, intimate status for the regularly blossom poppin’s, I’m standing here today, not to act as a minor folk squad but a more mature side of me, writing in posts you’ll soon to be reading which comes from the right brain. Its clearly stated that, I’ve passed puberty and went on to a more natural self-centered life.

‘Easier said than done, so I’d rather say none.’

The office is coming along quiet nice actually. I feel so comfort and settled to be sitting down on a comfy chair, smoking a fag or 2 of Marlboro Reds and drinking a 3-in-1 Nescafe coffee for pleasant mind.

It works. And I’m fine.

In the business world of 2009, not that good yet. I’ve been figuring out the hello-lines to improvise my plannings, my strategic as a wedding videographer. Not only editing but a favorite line of mine, spoken from the best, a local videographer with the phase ‘You get what you paid for…’ is to be included in all packages led out once trustworthy customers approaches the deck.

My business website is currently under construction and may be available by the end of March. Probably, sooner. The Better.

I’ve discovered an unusual experience about the dead & the living. Incredible results once you’ve but your brain in order to understand the consequences of life. Natural environment developed by people upon us.

Music is laying back and forth like a rocking chair with an old granny stitching an old cloth to be made as a curtain. Possible, but sucks to be having one of those hanging around. So, I’ve just creating melodies and locking it up in my library for future events. Its gonna happen. For previous readers, I promise this a long time. Its going to happen. The newly come-back of the unbreakable.

I’ve also decided to start photography professionally as the people amongst us prefer photos as a first choice. Who says videos aren’t important for remembrance? It does, and to hell with the anti beings. Equipments-wise may be abit more pricy from Camcorders, seriously, I’ve seen the chart. You need all kinds of crap to make photography comfortable to work and satisfactions.

Movies? For new readers, I’m a movie-freak. I can’t walk out of a DVD store such as ‘Chong Hock’ and not buying 20-30pcs of DVDs. Right now, movies are normal but Drama, yes I have a new favorite series. Desperate Housewives, yes. But the latest hit drama I’ve been watching is ‘Ghost Whisperer’ by Jeniffer Love Hewwit Phewwwiitt…. Great. ‘For her to tell her story, she has to tell you theirs…’

Great. I’m officially done explaining my ‘Start The Machine’ post. Glad for you to read and stay tune for some more enormous chat pampering tales of the Adam Groves. That’s my name.

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