Last week, I went for a whole long hour trip to KK by car. Its insanely tiring. The last time I went there was back in 2002. Those were the days where I used to work as a waiter and the boss decides to close the restaurant for a few days and a trip was held. Probably 20 staffs were taken, including myself. Those days were fun and I assume going to KK again would be even more exciting. Well, obviously, I wanted to and secondly, with the brains I have today, I knew what to buy. Plus I know now that KK has extremely low prices compared with Miri & KL.

Indeed it was.

BUT, by shocked, it was full of bore. I cannot imagine how it got to be so dull and nothing was exciting. Apart from this new mall they had, a combination of ‘Mid Valley’ & ‘1 Utama’ from Kuala Lumpur, they named this one ‘1 Borneo’. I don’t know, maybe the mood wasn’t there but impossible. I did not have fun. The only thing I enjoyed there was the ‘Starbucks Coffee’ hut. Rather than not enjoying that entire trip, I couldn’t think of anything to buy. Instead, I bought some mugs labeled by ‘Starbucks Coffee’.

Secondly, I was disappointed with one item I wish I had. I always wanted a pair of ‘Macbeth Footwears’. I found the shop and hopped a lot around the place with glowing eyeballs watching upon those shoes up on racks and found what I wanted. The only damn thing which degradingly dropped my liver down my testicles was not getting a size 7 – 8! They had giant feet! 10th – 12th was what they were displaying. I wore a pair and totally hated the way it made me feel like MacDonald!

I cried out ‘woof’.

I buggered off and was annoyed. Finally holding those pair of Macbeth’s Elliot shoes and couldn’t purchase the bloody dream. I swear, I’ll nail them completely if I get the chance.

We stayed at the ‘Marina Court’. An apartment which was fun until we HAD to swap with another dull-looking place that had no reception desk. I had to this crazy looking woman with disgust clothing. I thought she was a fraud but until it all made sense, I bit another whole in my liver. Why we had to change? Because my father-in-law thought it was for the best. The best of what, I don’t know.

The good side of it was that, it had a completely different style of texture towards the building. It was creepy enough to make a scary movie all around it. The creepy cells, the corridor, the creaking gates and dirty walls. The smell of crap and the dirty laundry hanging down outside another neighbor’s patio. Even the weird noises of dogs barking and baby’s cry. I said to myself, this is my last time here so I should just make-up another short film while I was there. I planned a day of layouts for the storyboard and there I had a video-camera and the assistant Faizi (my brother-in-law) to shoot the scenes.

So we started around 11pm and ended at 1130pm. Completely wasted of time until a security guard held us back saying not to shoot at certain areas of the building. I have no idea but I lost the mood quickly and gave-up. So, it was boring after that until I suggested everyone, my wife and her 2 siblings to play ‘Taboo’ game boards. It was fun and the least to make up the whole night.

Now, the short film currently in production is called ‘The Awakening’.

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