I’ve spent 3 days now in the forest shooting my latest short film ‘The Awakening’. I must say, it’s not that fun at all when you’re itching from running around and lying down on the ground where nasty buggy ants would crawl up your butt thinking of a new nest, the hole.

I almost fainted after circling the area, running. I felt trapped by trees all around me. It’s a good thing I was prepared in this predicament. Water, towels & cigarettes.

Let me tell you about this film which led me to an ideal story to be better. Some of you newbie comers may not know me to understand me but I’m completely insane with movies, horror & twisted especially. That leads me to be abit of a movie buff. I totally admire M. Night Shyamalan, writer of films titled ‘Signs’, ‘Unbreakable’, ‘The Sixth Sense’, ‘The Village’, ‘Lady In The Water’ & his latest box office, ‘The Happening’. The curse is struck by me and his inspiration to write films that may occur to be pragmatic, sympathetic & overwhelming feeling about ‘The Life After Death’.

Nowadays, some filmmakers have the same agenda with M. Night’s theory about the world that evolves around us. I’ve seen a few and ‘Ghost Whisperer’ is one of them.

My previous short films are fundamentally the same idea except that; I don’t really have an explicit, general moral for each one. I’m talking about ‘The Suicide’ & ‘The Apartment’. Neither of the 2 are anything I’ve ever wanted to do. It’s just writing & shooting. In other words, it’s for my own personal pleasure. After my last film, last year, I’ve decide to conclude every single aspect of films I’ve watch over the years and start making something worth wild. As you can see, I’ve started making horrors. Suicides & murderers.

There’s no message. I can be very critical with some things but now, filmmaking is more than that. It’s about creating something abit more astonishing. A meaningful substance that shall be thought about once watching.

‘The Awakening’ is the first. It has similarities with another fellow friend from the UK whom I inspire to do this short film as a test towards my friends & families. I need to take this somewhere. I don’t consider myself a proficient. I’m still learning. My reputation at this point is essentially quite simple, a wedding videographer. I want to push out my true colors and that is, making films the way I want it to be.

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