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‘The Awakening’ short film is complete and will be launch on Facebook, first! Why Facebook? Perhaps I just feel like it. ‘Youtube’, ‘Exposure Room’ or ‘Vimeo’ may take ages to upload. Secondly, I’d like the exposure to be spread out by my friends.

During the post-production, it’s been electrifying to cut out clips and re-arranging it in order. The color effects were added later as I discovered a rather more frightening tale in the woods that made the whole scenery looked as if it was ‘underground’. The original footages were dreary and didn’t seem scary at all. It was about to become a comedy instead cos the day of the shooting, many mistake were made and a lot of laughter. Funny emotions and eye-contacts towards the camera. I fell a few times and knocking down trees.

As I said before, it took 3 days to shoot. It would be 2 but when I got home and uploaded the DVTape, screening the whole action, I lost some of the shots; maybe I was too busy thinking about something else during the shoot.

The worst part during editing was the sound effects. I’ve used a hell lot of tracks for audio. Cutting & joining and also creating a whole new type of epic taste to blend in with the film. I’ve even made up some fake thundering sounds.

Once I was done with it, I couldn’t wait to watch it on my flat screen with surround sounds. I did my last previewing/finalization after burning it into a DVD. I was overwhelmed with my latest establishment and hope it’ll create a center of attention to my audience in the new ADAM GROVES film.

Be patient, I’ll post it up after a few days. I always let the ones that were involve viewing it first.

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