HI. I'M 25

Hi. I'm officially posting up my 25 aging years. Oh boy, I haven't a clue what to chat about. Maybe if I had a Spanish tutor, I'd probably type in Spanish and see whether you can understand it. But, I'm just gonna think of something to write about.

Happy Birthday. NOT 'HAPI BURTDAY ON SATORDAY'. Most Filipinos may try to sound like an American but they've got to understand that the pronunciations are wrong. That's dope!

Anyways, I'm 25 years old.

That's it! Thanks for the greetings from Facebook!



Wee hee...I'm finally online, from home! You have no idea how much shit I have gotten into tonight just to purchase the Go! Broadband modem.



‘The Jo & Jul Show’ is something I & both names mentioned plan to do as an ongoing show which shall be made at least once a month activities. It’s pure comedy about Jo & Jul with their regular everyday events. This is also something that may come in handy one day for portfolio on my short films. Who knows?

If the show is good after a few episodes from supporting fans & friends, this could be my first attempt to convince a new TV-show for broadcasting. It’ possible and I doubt that the facts are solid as stone. We’ll have to find out shall we?

So here it is, episode 1 launches on Facebook! Hope you enjoy and please, we’d like to hear your comments either on Facebook or right here, just below the post. Spread the words.



Many of you may be familiar with the story about the arrogant rabbit and the witty turtle? In brief for ones who’ve never heard about it before let me lay down the pieces from your broken cells.

It’s about a rabbit that thought that it was better than any other animal elsewhere. After getting busted and bitch-slapped by the advisory turtle, the rabbit denies that it’s un-stoppable and challenges the turtle to a race. The rabbit for was certain that it was going to win because rabbits are faster than turtles.

After further down the race, the rabbit decides to take a short quickie nap while waiting for the slow turtle to catch up and it was so far back. The rabbit felt fast asleep under a big old oak tree. Moments later, the rabbit wakes up panicking. It couldn’t see any signs of the turtle along the racing route. The rabbit rushed in speed, a sprint towards the finish line but when it there, it heard the other animals cheering out for the turtle who’ve eventually won the race not by luck but ‘will’.

So as you can see, nothing is impossible. Never take things for granted. So I wrote a short film about a person named ‘Jo’ who thinks he was way too perfect than a fat boy named ‘Jul’.

Currently in post-production.



This gotta be the worst idea to blog about. I love watching ‘Ghost Whisperer’ by Jennifer Love Hewitt. I’ve bought boxsets of season 1 upto the last, season 4, episode 12.

Season 1 of any tv-series, NOT sitcoms, usually tells you the real deal about the main characters, their personal lives. Well, after sympathetic true colors of Melinda Gordon & Jim Clancy’s relationship in marriage, I seemed to wonder a lot about loving someone so much and prayed to god that you’ll do whatever it takes to support ones back. Real love is nothing like the movies. There aren’t any miracles in that. When they leave you, they LEAVE you. And for all you know, you’re crying your ass of thinking that you won’t find anybody else like them.

The last episode of Season 1 was quite shocking to me when someone, unexpectedly dies. And you’re going, ‘What the FUCK?!’. I then assumed every last episode of a ‘Ghost Whisperer’ seasons shall get more devastating because it’s usually like that It makes the viewers froze their buttholes thinking, ‘Should I just crap here on the sofa or should I just cry?’.

Well, Jennifer Love Hewitt was obviously the star of the show but co-star David Conrad as Jim Clancy, Melinda’s husband dies in season 4? NO WAY! That’s too much. I cried my ass off watching Melinda’s breakdown and Jim’s wandering spirit walks, trying to talk to Melinda, telling her that he won’t crossover into the light because he can’t live without her.

Towards the end when Melinda soon sees him and talks to him, Jim found his way to make things better and that is? He jumps into another dead man’s body. But everything back-fired. WE, viewers see him living in another man’s body but Jim couldn’t retain information at all.

Melinda sees Jim’s face but grief-stricken that the living being doesn’t remember anything.

All I kept thinking about was, shit. There has to be a real good irrational explanation for all of this. I mean, David Conrad dies? Co-star? How can this be? I get really apprehensive sometimes to think about the program, as if it was my drama. So now what, does Jim Clancy remain in the show until he remembers Melinda his wife and moves in with her but living in another man’s body all through the program or will this be the last time we’ll see him star with Jennifer? Dammit! I hate waiting for the next appearance! I’m still waiting for Desperate Housewives & Sarah Connor Chronicles and that’s already a kick in the nut sack.






I didn't see this one coming at all. Yea, I just heard about the reuniting band, Blink 182. Here are some updates of what I've read. 'Angels & Airwaves' will be launching their 3rd album sometime this year, perhaps further down the year. 'Plus 44' is definite that they have broken up. Blink 182 is in the studio to record their new record. We won't be listening to their material anytime yet until AVA launches their album. So, importance to say, it'll take a while. Here's the video of their interview.



It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’m not used to the whole without a connection thing. Usually, my internet is online 24-7. Ever since I’ve moved to the new place, its either watch a movie with my wife or me, fiddling around with editing was the only thing that got me out of tediousness. Sometimes I invite friends over just to play around with board games and enjoy the sensation of drinking my coffee without a doubt.

It’s almost the end of the month and I’m trapped with a conclusion which leads to paranoia. What’s that you folks should wonder? Expenses. At least I’m making enough income to fill up the tummy and paying the bills but there’s always this one thing you can’t get without knowing that you can’t get it when the day goes by towards the end of the month.

My idyllic scheme to get me up and going for a couple of months is new equipments. Its actually a good thing because from ‘IT’, I get to try something new, fulfilling and rather much vigorous in my work which I’ve enjoyed ever since I’ve started day 1. In and out of the blue working out how I run things by my way.

Sometimes it bothers me a lot to die-hard trying to reconstruct something from the prior situation to make it not worth going in to fast to the next situation. It never works out the way it was planned. That’s when I’ve been busy. Feeling stressed out and bumped actually kept me going.

Take this for example, I’m blogging gibberish and you readers couldn’t careless but to assume this is just a habitual part of my human being. It’s true. This is me. Hi! I’m Adam, what’s your name? _______________[put name here]. Obviously, I’m jaded after watching the entire 3rd season of ‘Ghost Whisperer’ and have realized that it only ended up to episode 16, usually upto 24. I’m already filling up my wits to make another short film once I’ve finish settling my client’s requests.



Click to enlarge photo.
‘The Awakening’ short film is complete and will be launch on Facebook, first! Why Facebook? Perhaps I just feel like it. ‘Youtube’, ‘Exposure Room’ or ‘Vimeo’ may take ages to upload. Secondly, I’d like the exposure to be spread out by my friends.

During the post-production, it’s been electrifying to cut out clips and re-arranging it in order. The color effects were added later as I discovered a rather more frightening tale in the woods that made the whole scenery looked as if it was ‘underground’. The original footages were dreary and didn’t seem scary at all. It was about to become a comedy instead cos the day of the shooting, many mistake were made and a lot of laughter. Funny emotions and eye-contacts towards the camera. I fell a few times and knocking down trees.

As I said before, it took 3 days to shoot. It would be 2 but when I got home and uploaded the DVTape, screening the whole action, I lost some of the shots; maybe I was too busy thinking about something else during the shoot.

The worst part during editing was the sound effects. I’ve used a hell lot of tracks for audio. Cutting & joining and also creating a whole new type of epic taste to blend in with the film. I’ve even made up some fake thundering sounds.

Once I was done with it, I couldn’t wait to watch it on my flat screen with surround sounds. I did my last previewing/finalization after burning it into a DVD. I was overwhelmed with my latest establishment and hope it’ll create a center of attention to my audience in the new ADAM GROVES film.

Be patient, I’ll post it up after a few days. I always let the ones that were involve viewing it first.



I’ve spent 3 days now in the forest shooting my latest short film ‘The Awakening’. I must say, it’s not that fun at all when you’re itching from running around and lying down on the ground where nasty buggy ants would crawl up your butt thinking of a new nest, the hole.

I almost fainted after circling the area, running. I felt trapped by trees all around me. It’s a good thing I was prepared in this predicament. Water, towels & cigarettes.

Let me tell you about this film which led me to an ideal story to be better. Some of you newbie comers may not know me to understand me but I’m completely insane with movies, horror & twisted especially. That leads me to be abit of a movie buff. I totally admire M. Night Shyamalan, writer of films titled ‘Signs’, ‘Unbreakable’, ‘The Sixth Sense’, ‘The Village’, ‘Lady In The Water’ & his latest box office, ‘The Happening’. The curse is struck by me and his inspiration to write films that may occur to be pragmatic, sympathetic & overwhelming feeling about ‘The Life After Death’.

Nowadays, some filmmakers have the same agenda with M. Night’s theory about the world that evolves around us. I’ve seen a few and ‘Ghost Whisperer’ is one of them.

My previous short films are fundamentally the same idea except that; I don’t really have an explicit, general moral for each one. I’m talking about ‘The Suicide’ & ‘The Apartment’. Neither of the 2 are anything I’ve ever wanted to do. It’s just writing & shooting. In other words, it’s for my own personal pleasure. After my last film, last year, I’ve decide to conclude every single aspect of films I’ve watch over the years and start making something worth wild. As you can see, I’ve started making horrors. Suicides & murderers.

There’s no message. I can be very critical with some things but now, filmmaking is more than that. It’s about creating something abit more astonishing. A meaningful substance that shall be thought about once watching.

‘The Awakening’ is the first. It has similarities with another fellow friend from the UK whom I inspire to do this short film as a test towards my friends & families. I need to take this somewhere. I don’t consider myself a proficient. I’m still learning. My reputation at this point is essentially quite simple, a wedding videographer. I want to push out my true colors and that is, making films the way I want it to be.



Last week, I went for a whole long hour trip to KK by car. Its insanely tiring. The last time I went there was back in 2002. Those were the days where I used to work as a waiter and the boss decides to close the restaurant for a few days and a trip was held. Probably 20 staffs were taken, including myself. Those days were fun and I assume going to KK again would be even more exciting. Well, obviously, I wanted to and secondly, with the brains I have today, I knew what to buy. Plus I know now that KK has extremely low prices compared with Miri & KL.

Indeed it was.

BUT, by shocked, it was full of bore. I cannot imagine how it got to be so dull and nothing was exciting. Apart from this new mall they had, a combination of ‘Mid Valley’ & ‘1 Utama’ from Kuala Lumpur, they named this one ‘1 Borneo’. I don’t know, maybe the mood wasn’t there but impossible. I did not have fun. The only thing I enjoyed there was the ‘Starbucks Coffee’ hut. Rather than not enjoying that entire trip, I couldn’t think of anything to buy. Instead, I bought some mugs labeled by ‘Starbucks Coffee’.

Secondly, I was disappointed with one item I wish I had. I always wanted a pair of ‘Macbeth Footwears’. I found the shop and hopped a lot around the place with glowing eyeballs watching upon those shoes up on racks and found what I wanted. The only damn thing which degradingly dropped my liver down my testicles was not getting a size 7 – 8! They had giant feet! 10th – 12th was what they were displaying. I wore a pair and totally hated the way it made me feel like MacDonald!

I cried out ‘woof’.

I buggered off and was annoyed. Finally holding those pair of Macbeth’s Elliot shoes and couldn’t purchase the bloody dream. I swear, I’ll nail them completely if I get the chance.

We stayed at the ‘Marina Court’. An apartment which was fun until we HAD to swap with another dull-looking place that had no reception desk. I had to this crazy looking woman with disgust clothing. I thought she was a fraud but until it all made sense, I bit another whole in my liver. Why we had to change? Because my father-in-law thought it was for the best. The best of what, I don’t know.

The good side of it was that, it had a completely different style of texture towards the building. It was creepy enough to make a scary movie all around it. The creepy cells, the corridor, the creaking gates and dirty walls. The smell of crap and the dirty laundry hanging down outside another neighbor’s patio. Even the weird noises of dogs barking and baby’s cry. I said to myself, this is my last time here so I should just make-up another short film while I was there. I planned a day of layouts for the storyboard and there I had a video-camera and the assistant Faizi (my brother-in-law) to shoot the scenes.

So we started around 11pm and ended at 1130pm. Completely wasted of time until a security guard held us back saying not to shoot at certain areas of the building. I have no idea but I lost the mood quickly and gave-up. So, it was boring after that until I suggested everyone, my wife and her 2 siblings to play ‘Taboo’ game boards. It was fun and the least to make up the whole night.

Now, the short film currently in production is called ‘The Awakening’.



The ‘Awakening’ is a short film currently in production. Decided to make another short since the last one I did ‘The Suicide’ & ‘The Apartment’ was a while back ago. I wanted to try something different. Something twisted.

There are a few more things I need to do and I have yet to accomplish. I’ve said it a thousand times but I’m just to busy to start. Well, this is going to change. It has to be done once and for all. I’m going to keep on making short films until its time to start my own drama. I need to understand it before proceeding. I’ve dreamt about making my own 13-episode drama for the new RTB network.

Scripts are still being written.

I’ve done some researched about the media industry in Brunei and augment the beauty of filmmaking. I’m there. I know how to run the production. The only thing that’s stopping me is the violations & censorships. In other words, things that aren’t allowed in Dramas. I can’t write a drama script/storyboard without using the materials that’ll make a drama go ‘wow’. It’s just like an enormous silly old cow not wanting to produce milk. You get crap being backfired!

The same old explanation why Bruneians love watching Astro, Malaysian Drama instead of local. You know it’ll just end up being critical.

I want to change that.

That’s what I intend to do once I’ve organized my own production company, properly. Not leaving wedding projects. I still love doing it but this is what I really want. An independent filmmaker who’s not afraid to take a step forward.

Stand tall and to do whatever possible. Metaphorically speaking, anything IS possible.



How many of you have interest for playing board games? I see. Only a few. Board games is always fun. Not those ‘Snake & Ladders’ crap or ‘Checkers’. Ever since Christmas 2008, I’ve been obsessed with board games. I thought, it’ll be fun to start doing something out of boredom and rather not being alone, might as well gather up some friends or families to play a game whilst at home.

So, I bought a few. For years ago, my dad used to have all sort of games which he brought to Brunei from England. The favorite one of all was ‘The Game of Life’. It’s a game back knowledge and self-esteem. Starting through college and working the ways up to be a millionaire, getting married, having kids, earning incomes, paying bills – tax and suing another opponent and retire towards the end. The moral of the game is to grab as much opportunities in life and never take things for granted. It’s a fun family game really and I always loved playing it. I decided to shop around to find this game and purchased it to play on Christmas. Which I did, and now I’m introducing this piece to all my friends who comes by to the house. Now everyone is enjoying it.

I then realized that it was so much fun than video games, I decided to look for some more games and now I have tons to play. Such as ‘Cluedo’, ‘Jenga’, ‘Master Minds’ & ‘Scrabble’. Yesterday I bought ‘Taboo’ & today ‘Battle Ships’.

Taboo is one of the best games to play with and it’s a game of unspeakable fun! Its really quite simple actually, all you need to do is to explain a word to your team-mates without using words that aren’t suppose to be said. Here are some photos.



Hi & Welcome once again to my new blog. I know I’ve been changing from one site to another but coming back to ‘Blogspot’ felt awesomely right. For starters, I’m married, finally to Susy. The most trilling experience I’ve ever convicted.

All seems great since I’ve move to my new home and living the life with my wife. There are still things being abit hectic every now and then but getting there rarely slowly.

Many may wonder what happened to ‘Ning’ website not only of the busyness I’ve been going through but it didn’t feel right. I was wrong. You may even wonder why I chose for a new domain site instead of the previous Blogspot I had popularity known for Visual Dimensions. Well, infact, its all the same but I really didn’t want to mix 2009’s stories in the 2007’s journal which pretty much is bad luck. I wanted to start fresh. Again.

Definitely a freshly new start indeed since I’ve wedded with dear sugar mama whose looking as beautiful as ever.

Now, intimate status for the regularly blossom poppin’s, I’m standing here today, not to act as a minor folk squad but a more mature side of me, writing in posts you’ll soon to be reading which comes from the right brain. Its clearly stated that, I’ve passed puberty and went on to a more natural self-centered life.

‘Easier said than done, so I’d rather say none.’

The office is coming along quiet nice actually. I feel so comfort and settled to be sitting down on a comfy chair, smoking a fag or 2 of Marlboro Reds and drinking a 3-in-1 Nescafe coffee for pleasant mind.

It works. And I’m fine.

In the business world of 2009, not that good yet. I’ve been figuring out the hello-lines to improvise my plannings, my strategic as a wedding videographer. Not only editing but a favorite line of mine, spoken from the best, a local videographer with the phase ‘You get what you paid for…’ is to be included in all packages led out once trustworthy customers approaches the deck.

My business website is currently under construction and may be available by the end of March. Probably, sooner. The Better.

I’ve discovered an unusual experience about the dead & the living. Incredible results once you’ve but your brain in order to understand the consequences of life. Natural environment developed by people upon us.

Music is laying back and forth like a rocking chair with an old granny stitching an old cloth to be made as a curtain. Possible, but sucks to be having one of those hanging around. So, I’ve just creating melodies and locking it up in my library for future events. Its gonna happen. For previous readers, I promise this a long time. Its going to happen. The newly come-back of the unbreakable.

I’ve also decided to start photography professionally as the people amongst us prefer photos as a first choice. Who says videos aren’t important for remembrance? It does, and to hell with the anti beings. Equipments-wise may be abit more pricy from Camcorders, seriously, I’ve seen the chart. You need all kinds of crap to make photography comfortable to work and satisfactions.

Movies? For new readers, I’m a movie-freak. I can’t walk out of a DVD store such as ‘Chong Hock’ and not buying 20-30pcs of DVDs. Right now, movies are normal but Drama, yes I have a new favorite series. Desperate Housewives, yes. But the latest hit drama I’ve been watching is ‘Ghost Whisperer’ by Jeniffer Love Hewwit Phewwwiitt…. Great. ‘For her to tell her story, she has to tell you theirs…’

Great. I’m officially done explaining my ‘Start The Machine’ post. Glad for you to read and stay tune for some more enormous chat pampering tales of the Adam Groves. That’s my name.


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